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The Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club originated in 1983 when Rich Caro began posting flyers and organizing jackpot-style bass tournaments at Annadel State Park's Lake Ilsanjo in Santa Rosa Ca. The club is open to all anglers of any age and skill level. Many in our club now use kickboats and pontoon boats while others still use the original belly boats or float tubes!

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  • Ilsanjo report for Monday

    Today Big Dave and I ventured up to Ilsanjo with our float tubes. We met at 6:00 AM and started the hike. As I get older and fatter the walk gets...

    8 0 748

    Started by CatchemCaro

  • July meeting tomorrow at 7:00 PM

    Tomorrow is the July meeting at the Codding Town round table pizza. We will be discussing the Highland Springs tournament and the up coming Clear...

    0 0 617

    Started by CatchemCaro

  • 4th

    Just wanted to wish everyone a happy 4th of july.AND MAY EVERYONE STICK A PIG!!!!!!!!!!! FISH ON!!!!!

    0 0 655

    Started by mattattack

  • Sanj Monday morning

    Well, I stayed up way to late to make it I.V. and from the sound of it the bite was on. Im heading up to Sanj in the morning with big daddy Dave....

    0 0 646

    Started by CatchemCaro

  • Indian Valley

    Matt and I went to Indian Valley yesterday(Sat). The road wasnt as bad as I remebered it being. It had a few rough spots but nothing unbearable. We...

    0 0 638

    Started by Deacon

  • Cool little rockin fishin video

    I was surfing and found this cool little clip. Check it our. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RX9x7A_QE2I Rich

    0 0 696

    Started by CatchemCaro

  • Lake ( X ) news

    I just thought I should copy and paste the following e-mail I recieved today. So here you go. Let me know what you think. I guess my next challenge...

    1 0 513

    Started by CatchemCaro

  • Check out some Federation Nation news

    If you have some time please check out some of the latest news on the BASS Federation Nation site. ...

    0 0 888

    Started by CatchemCaro

  • Have a safe 4th everyone!

    Posted a photo

    0 0 603

    Started by Kodiakjo

  • Indian Valley this Saturday

    Im thinking of spending a day on Indian Valley this Saturday or an evening on Clear Lake. Any one fished these places lately? Rich

    5 0 652

    Started by CatchemCaro

  • New Personal Best

    Hey Guys, I didn't do so well at Highland Springs so Mike Casey and I went to Clearlake and did some fishing. I caught my new personal best 7lbs and...

    9 0 712

    Started by dbrown

  • Highland Springs Pictures

    Who was taking those pictures? That camera works great. Those pictures have been the brightest and clearest I have seen yet. Unless its my new...

    1 0 513

    Started by CatchemCaro

  • Rich and the Bucks Bags

    Hey Rich my Dad and Cousin were looking into getting a kickboat each. I told them how everyone in the club is slowly converting over to Bucks. I...

    1 0 527

    Started by Deacon

  • Highland Pictures

    Does any one have pictures from Highland? I need one of Todd holding his fish. Rich

    1 0 563

    Started by CatchemCaro

  • Richs Highland Springs Report

    We started at 5:15 on a warm morning with 17 SCBBBC members ready to rumble. It seems as if ever since I started using a kick boat my tournament...

    2 0 650

    Started by CatchemCaro

  • Federation Nation News

    All SCBBBC members are also members of the Bassmasters Federation Nation Calif chapter. Not only do you save %40 on all your Bucksbags orders, but...

    2 0 562

    Started by CatchemCaro

  • Saturday Weigh-In Time

    Hey Guys, With the Lake County Water Resources annual Summer picnic happening on Saturday at Highland Springs, we might want to consider getting...

    3 0 601

    Started by Russ

  • No Camera!

    i have no camera for this tourney so if you guys want pictures someone please bring a digital, thanks

    0 0 644

    Started by Kodiakjo

  • Clear Lake Anglers Choice Report

    As most know Eric Keith and I are team partners for Anglers Choice North Cal Division and this was tournament #6. We were boat #2 out and quickly...

    2 0 706

    Started by Samuraiti

  • For Sale!!!!

    I wanted to offer this to you guys before Ipost it anywhere else... Okuma Swimbait Rod...Heavy 7ft3(i think) Perfect condition only used 3-4...

    3 0 590

    Started by Deacon

  • high end reel freaks...

    Just thought I would let those who don't know that Specialty Tackle has the Chronarch 50mg for $224.95 (reg $250) or something like that. For those...

    10 0 896

    Started by Samuraiti

  • Livewell

    Hey Guys, Getting a live well together and was wondering what kind of light weight battery if possible would be good to power the 2 1/2 amp...

    2 0 546

    Started by LBurrow

  • HIghland Springs

    Who's going to Highland Springs this weekend? I'll be there on Saturday morning. Should be fun. See you there.

    2 0 646

    Started by basserdave

  • Monthly meeting

    I had to work so I'm just seeing want was discust at the meeting. Like blast off time at highland springs ect ect. Thanks guys DZ

    3 0 593

    Started by BassHog

  • Water Fair

    We had a good time at the water fair on Saturday. Rich, Scotty and I started off the morning getting some fishing in at the marina. Fishing was ok...

    1 0 564

    Started by basserdave

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