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The Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club originated in 1983 when Rich Caro began posting flyers and organizing jackpot-style bass tournaments at Annadel State Park's Lake Ilsanjo in Santa Rosa Ca. The club is open to all anglers of any age and skill level. Many in our club now use kickboats and pontoon boats while others still use the original belly boats or float tubes!

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  • Raffle Tonight?

    If so, who's got the raffle tickets (left over from last year's Invitational)?

    1 0 543

    Started by Russ

  • iconelli haters club

    so how many of you cant stand the ike man. once again after his baby tantrum, they show him winning a tournie and running through the crowd flinging...

    3 0 744

    Started by kozenko

  • another bucks bag on the way

    just ordered my new bucks bag bronco from richie rich... thanks for the awesome deal homie.....now maybe i can keep up with todd!!!!!! cant wait...

    5 0 852

    Started by kozenko

  • Building A Custom Kickboat

    Hi there! I'm Gary, and I live in Santa Clara. I need more information on how to build a kick boat. I am a big guy - 6'9" and over 400...

    2 0 1,103

    Started by grapeape

  • lake sonoma report

    ended up going to lake sonoma today with my bro kevin and carson ended up catching a little over 20 fish, the weather was perfect, our big fish was...

    5 0 755

    Started by bassmike

  • Trout Season Opener!

    I know , I know, Trout fishing on Scbbbc! I must be crazy Anyway with tomorrow being opening day on all the northern rivers for trout fishing i was...

    1 0 671

    Started by Kodiakjo

  • Flyer needed for the 2006 SCBBBC Classic

    Who out there in the fishing world would like to make this years flyer that will be spread across america for all tubers to see? Thats write, we need...

    2 0 660

    Started by CatchemCaro

  • Western Sport Shop Fly Fishing Fair - 5/6/06

    12th Annual Western Sport Shop Fly Fishing Fair Saturday, May 6th - Santa Rosa Store! - ONE WEEK AWAY! 2790 Santa Rosa Avenue - 10 am to 4 pm ...

    1 0 752

    Started by WSSJim

  • Berryessa Report 4.27.06

    My Dad and I went out with RevRat(Travis) for what turned out to be a awesome day on the water...We got on the water at 0600. Water temps were a nice...

    0 0 828

    Started by Deacon

  • Like my new License Plate?

    Well, made it to Florida! Wow what a drive. Nothing exciting, just a big gas bill and lots of roads. Boring! Have not made it out on the...

    3 0 642

    Started by yotopia

  • water skeeter pontoon for sale $100.00

    Got a new bucks bag on the way so I`m getting rid of the old skeeter.Its been used and abused but still is ready for some more action.It can hold up...

    12 0 1,243

    Started by billythekidd44

  • Room for May 20 on night hot shower, tv

    Ok, I reserve a room for one day May 20, non-smoking, two beds. I'm up for sharing the room for that day. Any takers let me know. I know it's...

    3 0 689

    Started by bphi

  • Next SCBBBC Meeting info

    Get ready for the May meeting at the Codding Town Roundtable. We will be raffling off some fishing items plus a $60.00 gift certificate to the...

    3 0 786

    Started by CatchemCaro


    Where are the two launch areas for the open? I know M-M is one, but were is the other? Rich

    4 0 802

    Started by CatchemCaro

  • Looking for company

    I'm going to be fishing clear lake Monday the 4/24. If any one is interested let me know. 538-3923 Dale

    1 0 727

    Started by BassHog

  • Lake Sonoma anyone?

    Gonna try to head up there this weekend probably on sunday to try out the boat just wondering if anyone has fished it lately and water clarity.

    1 0 1,123

    Started by BFK

  • Thinking Hennesy this sunday.

    I`ll probably have to work saturday but sunday I`d like to fish Hennesy.We know there some fatties in there and with this weather were having I`m...

    17 0 2,237

    Started by billythekidd44

  • Watch Out!

    Hey Guys Friday is my last day in the retail world! With this opportunity I will be able to fish a lot more. No more ten to twelve days straight...

    3 0 1,108

    Started by dbrown

  • Big ones out and about

    Today was one of the worst days in my life. Yup you guest it I lost one of those big guys at the local watering hole. This is going to be just like...

    1 0 1,151

    Started by BassHog

  • Lake X lunker

    Ilove the new Lake X

    3 0 1,313

    Started by CatchemCaro

  • Reel Repair

    Anybody know of a guy in the Santa Rosa area? Name and number please.

    2 0 1,253

    Started by bassmaster95401

  • Catchem Caro.....

    Hey Rich give me a call on my cell. I have a couple of questions for ya....707-324-9716(If anyone has his # could you guys give hima call for me to...

    0 0 1,302

    Started by Deacon

  • How many club members might be interested in helping out.

    Dear Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club, I was inquiring to see if your club is interested in participating in a “water fair” at the Lake...

    8 0 1,385

    Started by

  • Beacon Harbor Who's up for it

    Does anybody know if you can just show up early in the morning like 5 and launch out of beacon. Then pay the guy as you come off the water. Let me...

    2 0 1,250

    Started by bphi

  • Clear Lake 4.18

    Fished Clear Lake today with my Dad. We went out of Red Bud. Water was 51 when we got in. I saw the water in the shallows get to 56. Water was also...

    1 0 1,276

    Started by Deacon

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