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Was I whining? Sorry, I was just stating facts. Are we going to get a chance to vote on March and Aprils location since B-N-T doesn't want to join us as was thought originally by the officers? Or have we lost those two location votes? Just wondering. Thanks
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  Well i guess another popped up. No worries we will be able to work it out. I am going to be talking to our Berry contact next week on monday. Will work it all out with him
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Not sure I can find any links for ya Bill, but I know its on its way to becoming a much better fishery and I bet it takes 20+ to win that NBW event out there. (Anyone with a boat want to fish that one Im game, hint, hint Mr LaPoint or DJ) I fished a t-shoot in some crappy conditions this spring with Kevin Hall and we had 16 lbs or so. Theyre in there and theres more on the way. Kevin also says the biggest fish hes hooked since that 18lb giant he caught back in the day was on Mendo. He lost it and says it still gives him the shakes when he thinks about it.  

The lake was LOADED with HUGE balls of shad this year and there are a gazillion juvenile smallies and largies swimmin around out there, probably right around 13"s by July. The striper club disbanded and there hasn't been a stocking in at least 3 years. Those tuxedos ate everything in the past which is why it didn't produce all that well. With high water this year the population will keep growing. In my opinion it's a good idea to start learnin the lake now cause its gonna get really good in the not so distant future and will be a great venue for the club, the NBW guys are on to that.

I wouldnt count on both ramps being open in July, it took til mid august this year for the water to recede out of the south ramp parking lot and they kept the ramp closed off...that means high water boys and theyre gonna do it again. We could launch from the south ramp but it would take some teamwork to get the boats to the water. EARLY in the morning is the ONLY option in July as PARKING for 30 or more vehicles WILL be an issue for any other blast off time.

Make it teams, blast off super early, and it will be fun. Youll see a bunch of bronzebacks hit the scales and some nice largies. Its not like EVERYONE whacks good fish any where else we go, Id put $ down that we dont see too many guys not contribute their team. If I had to guess right now, big fish will be caught on a manny minnow or osprey and will be 6+. Winners will find the good spook, wakebait, popper or buzzbait bite early. After that, crankin. lipless and deep divers and swimbaits and jigs. drop shot, split shot, and finesse stuff for small limits, unless your last name is Ayers . Wish it wasnt in the six hr deal, much of the best water is a good ways off the ramps, but there are humps and ledges galore out there. Those that are good with electronics will do well.

What gets me about this thread is yous guys bashin my blue lakes.  Hows the fishin been at the Slownoma night tourneys in recent years?
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 Good report Jon. I may take you up on fishin it. I havent been there since i was about ten and that was only camping not fishing.

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 It got brought to my attention that I rescheduled the Open in May on the weekend of the catfeesh derby. So the dates are being moved, AGAIN, to April 30 & May 1st. Sorry for all the confusion once agian, hope this doesn't mess things up too much.

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Good report Jon!

I dont know if i will be able to make many of the tournies this year, but I am willing to take Bill's bet that there will be more than 10 fish to the scale

How about 10 bucks

good lucks gents. im confident it will produce.  I think it's good to move to a bigger water rather than packing people on highland, spring, blues.

best of luck!
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well, I think new water, no matter what people say is good... If you dont want to fish, then stay home. If my schedual allows, I will be there. Or, would you rather be going to SPRING LAKE and do a round robbin, and fish water after 30 of your buddies have fished it... Lets give it a try.

Its really to bad that Marin County doesnt allow body contact, lake Nicasio would be fun
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Nicasio, Alpine, BonTempe, Phoenix, Kent would all be nice - the tick infestation

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