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In no specific order;


If this doesn't work then I like what Noah said.LOL
Bucket Mouth
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Feb - Berryessa
March - Clear Lake
April - Delta (Whites)
May - Clear Lake Open
June - Sonoma
July - Delta ( Middle?)
Aug - Berryessa
Sept - Blue Lakes
Oct - Clear Lake Classic
Nov - Sonoma

Sonoma in June and November can be on!  I'd like to see Berryessa another time of year too.
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Feb - Berryessa
March - Clear Lake
April - Sonoma
May - Clear Lake Open
June - Delta (Whites)
July - Delta ( Middle?)
Aug - Berryessa Nights
Sept - Mendo or Blue
Oct - Clear Lake Classic
Nov - Clear Lake

Top 5 bass 2017 
1. 10.13 Clear Lake
2. 7.6 Clear Lake
3. 6.14 Clear Lake
4. 4.2 Delta
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February - SONOMA
April - DELTA
July - DELTA
September - BERRYESSA or DELTA
November - SONOMA

I'll fish whatever schedule we get, but if I had one pick it'd probably be to fish Sonoma in Feruray. Seems alot of guys want to and the thought of getting on a good late winter/ early spring jig bite sounds like a lota fun!

Anthony Monraz
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1) 8.35 A-Rig
2) 7.33 Swimbait
3) 6.9 Jig
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I like Monraz's schedule.

Top 5 fish of Ot Twelve
1. 7.42 Clearlake
2. 6.95 Clearlake
3. 6.2 Berryessa
4. 6.1 Clearlake
5. 5.11 Clearlake
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althrough i wasn't able fish this season, i'm hoping to get into a few tournies next season. i think the club is getting to large for the smaller lakes/ponds! the smaller lakes/ponds should be left to the turkey shoots.let's give the newbies the chance to fish unused water.

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I agree with Rich. We should give the Merced a chance

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Lake Chabot in San Leandro. 

1. Stocked TROUT
2. They allow kick boats on the water
3. Stocked TROUT
4. Huge BASS
5. Stocked TROUT
Did I tell you they Stock TROUT.

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I love fishin clear lake and the delta, but it seems like we fish em 2 much. It would cool to have a bit more variety this next year. Some lake of intrest are:

Menocinno, long drive, but bigger than blue lakes.

Highland springs, small, but full of big fish

Spring lake, agian small, but hell, most of us would save alot on gas and possibly catch a lunker

Berryessa, twice, wouldnt mind fishin there more than once a season

Lake Hennessy, I think thats what its called, the 1 by berryessa, great lookin lake, vegetation, rock, and its a pretty big lake, never fished it but wonder how wed do, I would really like us to consider this 1 because its big enough and close enough for a good tourney.

I like the delta and clear lake, but I think more diversity of lakes would really push us to be more adaptable anglers.

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I don't think they allow float tubes or kick boats,no contact with the water but they allow allum. boats with small outboards,doesn't make sense.

Bucket Mouth
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There are a couple places mentioned (Chabot and Hennessy specifically) that are an absolute headache to try to get permits to fish. It has been tried and if the people mentioning these places would like to try to get permits, we would love it!

Josh, have you seriously fished Highland and Spring with 30+ competitive kickboaters on the water? It's what I said earlier, people ALWAYS complain afterwards and the guys who were most in favor of these lakes are usually the ones first off the water complaining how tough it got after the first hour of fishing.

As far as adaptable, the Delta and Clear are it. If you learn well how to fish those two bodies of water (with maybe a Sonoma or Berry thrown in) you'll be able to fish almost any body of water out there. The guys who just fish the local lakes are the ones who have a hard time adapting to other bodies of water. Talk to the person who thought they were going to beat me at Sonoma...

Not knocking what you're saying but I've been part of this club a long time both as a member/officer/consultant and know what people end up saying...

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3. 5.13 lbs - Clear Lake - Moto Jig - Largemouth
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it would be silly to have one at Spring u would have 10 guys camped out on one spot its to small.  What about the clear Blue Lake that thing has good size to it and there is huge bass in it
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You know what? Josh is right. I think we should have a tourney or two on spring. Ya some would catch fish and some wont. Tuat would be a great chalenge on a small body of water.
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Lets do the Classic at Spring! Our permit allows us to have as many people as we want!
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