Let me start by thanking everyone from the SCBBBC who works to put on this tournament. It is by far my favorite tournament to fish every year regardless of the outcome.

I always take some time off of work and head to the lake a few days early to get in some R&R. This year was no different, except I added a day!
I got to the campground on Tuesday and started fishing at State Park. It got pretty windy and I was blown off the lake after a few hours with no bites.
Wednesday I fished north all morning and did OK after the rain blew through.  I didn’t catch a ton of fish but I started to put together a pattern around docks with bites coming on a chatterbait and an MM3 roboworm. It was still windy!
Thursday, more wind, I fished mid lake and the dock pattern was still working landed around 10 fish all between 1.5 and 3lbs..
Friday the wind calmed down and so did what little bite I had been on. I bounced around County Park all morning for 2 small fish, one on the Roboworm, and my first blade fish of the week.

Game day… I ran to my place and put in. I always have a blade tied on so I started tossing it right away. I got my first fish about a half hour after launching. It was a little 1.5 pounder.  Second fish ate a frog and was a little better at 2+. I started covering ground throwing the frog at tulles, and anything that looked good, a spinnerbait and chatterbait around and between docks, and tossing the MM3 worm under them.
I filled my limit by about 8:30 with 2 on the blade, one frog fish, and one on the worm. Total weight at this time was about 8.5 pounds.
I continued to catch a fish here and there but nothing would help, until about 11:30 when I felt the tic with the MM3 worm and set on a good fish. It went in the net and I culled the 1.5 for a 6.02 pound kicker. Only cull of the day!
I ended the day with just over 13 pounds and day 1 big fish.
I was sitting in second, about 0.25 pounds behind Kevin Marcheschi. Sunday was going to be fun.
I always worry about Kevin at Clear Lake. The man is a great stick and has the lake dialed in.

Day 2 was a little slower compared to day one and I had to work a little harder for the bites. The blade bite was off and only produced one fish for me all day that would see the scale. The MM3 worm bite also tapered off for only one keeper, which I culled later.
I started to drop shot a baby brush hog around dock poles for more bites and it wasn’t until about 10am before I had a small limit for about 8 pounds, maybe 9.  Around noon I dropped the brush hog next to a dock pole that had a 5+ pounder sitting on it, and put the fish in the net. It felt good to get a kicker that I felt would be necessary to pull off a win.
I weighed in with another limit just over 13 pounds with a 5.35 pound kicker, which was good for the day 2 big fish $$$ also.
My total weight for both days was 25.69, after a day 1 penalty for a DOA, and good enough for the win.

Blade fish came between docks as I dredged bottom. If it wasn’t banging rocks it didn’t get bit!
The Roboworm and Brush Hog bites all came on dock poles. Vertical drops right on the pole were the ticket. These fish were not chasing the bait and you had to slap em in the face with it to get bit. This was the pattern I started to see on Wednesday and it held all week.

Thanks again to everyone who puts these events on so I can have fun doing what I love to do!
See all y’all next year!

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awesome report congrats on the win and that bad ass belt
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Sweet report Mitch........Congrats again!
Bucket Mouth
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Congratulations Mitch!! Always have a great time talking with you early up there, dude!! That belt though! Soooooo G!! You earned it [smile]
Best for 2015 - 8 lb 15 oz. Clearlake swimbait 8 lb 9 oz. Clearlake flipping 8 lb 10 oz. Springlake punching 8 lb 0 oz. Springlake whopper plopper 8 lb 10 oz. ClearLake - Deep Crank
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