I hope everyone had a great off-season, but it's time to kick it into high gear and get ready for the 1st tournament of the year at Lake Berryessa.

There are points to be had, prizes to win, and cold hard cash 💰to the top finishers.

So here are the things to be excited about. Check this out....not only are the payouts nice, but there are going to be some bonuses to those payouts, BUT!!! There are going to be metrics that have to be met in order to obtain these bonuses, all the way around.

***If we draw at least 20 anglers this tournament and the finishers must be a club member as well as be "all in" for the options with entry (entry/big fish). The top 3 finishers will a bonus sponsored by former club member and president Jeff Andress as follows.***

🥇1st: normal payout based off entries (as it always has) but will also get the additional "Empire Restoration sponsored cash bonus of $100.00

🥈2nd: normal payout with an additional $50.00 bonus also sponsored by Empire Restoration.

🥉3rd: normal payout with a $25.00 bonus.

***If any of the 1st-3rd finishers do not meet all of the requirements (current club member, all in on the entries/options, minimum 20 angler turn out) they will not be eligible to win the bonus, and the bonus will go to the next Eligible contestant that does meet the metrics.***


The winner of the big fish will get the normal payout and if you are also a club member and again "all in" with entry and options as well as 20 anglers. You will also win a brand new rod. The rod will either be an Irod Genesis 2 or an Dobyns Sierra or Savvy series rod. The rods will vary each month and swap back and fourth between the two (February- iRod, March- Dobyns, Etc)

***Special Random Bonus***

This is something I've been tossing back and fourth and decided to put it in motion. Every tournament will have a random bonus that can be won by meeting the special metrics for the specific tournament. This tournaments special bonus will be able to be won as follows.

"Trifecta Bag": if you finish top 3 and your weigh in limit of fish have at least one of each type of fish in it.

1- Spotted Bass
1- Largemouth Bass
1- Smallmouth Bass
The other 2 can be any combo of the 3 listed

You will win a tournament tackle pack stuffed full of random premium tackle. The bag will be equivalent of a "ziplock 1 Gallon" bag.

A special thanks to Jeff Andress with Empire Restoration that is giving us the ability to make this happen.

This year is turning out to be one for the books, all we need is YOUR PARTICPATION!!!!!!. Sign up!!! Show up!!! Show everyone what ya got!!!!

I'll be starting a sign up post on the forum as well as Facebook, make sure to sign up so we know what to expect!!!!

Kevin Marcheschi

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Sweet,thanx Kevin & Jeff Andress!
Bucket Mouth
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AWESOME!!!!! 🙌
Best for 2015 - 8 lb 15 oz. Clearlake swimbait 8 lb 9 oz. Clearlake flipping 8 lb 10 oz. Springlake punching 8 lb 0 oz. Springlake whopper plopper 8 lb 10 oz. ClearLake - Deep Crank
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