I have a 6 year old 9' double bladder water skeeter with Aluminum frame, padded seat,two side pouches, trolling motor mount, rear basket,two sets of oars,front standing platform add on,humming bird fishing buddy 1200 bottom & side duel transducer with pontoon strap. original price was $ 1200.00 would like to get $ 400.00 or best offer for everything. boat/depth finder are still in realty good condition & has several years left. very durable. a great upgrade for first kick boat or for a seasoned angler.
shoot me a PM  with your email address or phone number and can send pic and answer any questions.

HD Jon
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you upgrading buddy

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you still selling im getting intoo float tube fishing i wanna know if its worth it i have a roanoke rn and its breaking down
Cameron janson
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