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Todd was a good friend. He taught me a lot over the past 8 year. Todd has always been there for all of us and always was upbeat and positive. He would text me durring the tournies every month to see how it was going and give me tips if I wasnt doin so well.
Todd will be missed by all of us. His family will be in my thoughts.

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Sad news, Condolences to his family. Todd will be missed.
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It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived. Gen.George S Patton
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Omg....just heard the horrible news,like everyone I am in shock,I am so sorry for his family & hang in there Binh!
Stay strong!
Bucket Mouth
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OMG My heart goes out to Todds family.  I only met Todd a few times but every time you was a gentleman.  


I found a news story if you want more info.
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thats terrible news,  i had the chance to meet him at the crazy weather Sonoma tournament a few years back he seemed like a real nice fella.  RIP Todd
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Todd  was always such a helpful fellow angler and extremely generous in helping new anglers.  A stand up guy.  He will be missed.  Thoughts are with his family.
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Such a tragedy. Many prayers to his family and friends. RIP Todd you will be missed.
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I signed onto our website,to comment on the forum,and on the header,is a great picture of Todd with the limit,and that great smile,we join the club together 15 years ago at the same time,I was always envious,of how quick he climb the ranks,As A student of the game at first,and then a Solid veteran ,all styles......if you heard he was fishing a tournament you better have brought your A game.I'm sure we all have a great Todd encounter,he is Now A Legend .who will be missed but not forgotten.
Phil Ragueneau
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I am in a state of shock over this tragic event.  Todd was an amazing guy – gentle spirit, intense competitor, great friend, mega-skilled angler…  A first-class guy in every respect.  My sympathies are with Michelle, his kids, his parents & the rest of his family.

What are the odds of this happening?  Seems about the same as getting hit by lightning or attacked by a shark.  I guess it’s a reminder of the randomness & unpredictability of life.  Like the rest of us who were fortunate enough to have known him, I will always carry great memories of Todd.

Andy Parsons
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That just sucks, he was a great guy. Didn't know him that well, but fished a Delta tournament with him one time with the SCBBBC and all I can say is nothing but a complimentary gentleman. Sad and a big loss not only to his family, but the fishing community.
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Freaking terrible and shocking!  Todd was such a nice and friendly guy.  I remember asking him some Delta advice my first year and he didn't hold back on good info which was above and beyond!

I feel absolutely horrible for his family.

In dedication, I am definitely making my first cast of the upcoming tournament with an Iwamoto Jig, in honor of Todd!

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I am at a total loss , and my spirit has been totally  shattered!. Todd my brother... you will be severly missed. you have  been not only inspirational to me , but to so many others. i dont think you realize what an impact you have made on so many lives in and away from the club. you are an  incredible individual , husband, and father! and angler. your fun loving nature has affected us all!  i will always remember and cherish our time together on the water, and i will always remember our awesome january day on clearlake when we pulled that 28lb limit together. your kind spirit, and competative nature will always follow you, and stay with me. I always looked forward to seeing you at the tournies and competing against the best angler the club has ever seen. for those new guys and young guns who didnt get the oppertunity to ever meet or spend time with Todd , you have no idea what an awesome induvidual he is. I offer my deepest sympathy to his wife, kids , family and friends.  Todd your spirit will always be with us and apart of the club! To you my friend... rest in peace till we meet again!!!!!  
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