hey guys ... have been evacuated since 2am monday.. we are fortunate to have been able to save our house. i live 2 blocks from coffey  parK and my main concern is phil rageneau !!! im sure his place is gone as it looks like a war zone !!! if anyone has been in contact with him or his family ... PLEASE POST !! I know alot of people are still missing. PHIL IF YOU ABLE... PLEASE POST !! Dave i cant even begin to express my deepest sympathy to you and your family !!! if any displaced people need anything at all please speak up. GOD BLESS !!!!
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What's Phil's address

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Just talked to Phil....he is ok,just missed the Coffey Park devastation!
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thanks for the info chris. I too did get a hold of him, and happy to hear from him.  I hope all other members are ok. [thumb]
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