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I agree with you bagdadfisher!

Just a question though........why is it that practically none of you use belly boats? This is a belly boat bass club right? Could it be due to the distinct advantage that the pontoon kick boats afford over a traditional belly boat? Just something to ponder.
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I believe when the club was named there were no kick boats at that time. I agree that there are some things to ponder we have discussed trolling motors etc. Things do change but only after long hard seemingly endless debate.
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Being with the club for over 13 years I can say that the club has grown through evolution. When I started no matter if you're in a kick boat or float tube it was strictly using your fins.  That means no oars.  It took about 5 years before we finally added that you can use oars.  The club was growing and hardcore float tubers like Rich Caro finally got a kick boat.  Now we have always allow kayak but it was only during a big event like the Open and Classic.  The difference was the kayak had to use paddles just like the kick boaters.  The advantage the kayak had was that they were quicker on the water but the disadvantage is controlling the boat in wind.

Anyways, I have to agree with the officer as I was an officer years ago.  The advantage you have is that it's mechanically driven even though you're using human power.  You don't have the drag that is accompany with kick boats when kicking or oaring.  I'm sure eventually we can use trolling motors but that just add to more stuff we have to carry and weight.
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I've been asked to come to the next month's club meeting to discuss this in open forum.  I'd be happy to attend and even bring my rig with me.  Is there anyone here that doesn't have an issue with me fishing in the club events?  If not then I won't bother attending b/c it would be a mute point if all are against me fishing.  If there are some that don't have an issue I will make the meeting and we can even go over to one of the local lakes/ponds there in Santa Rosa and you all can take a ride in my Hobie.  It would be fun to see how many of you can sustain +5mph for any distance b/c I know I can't.  The Hobie Pro Angler series is just not designed to be a fast kayak.  It's wide hull provides to much drag for any kind of real speed.  There are models that were made to fit that bill, but the issue would be the lack of space which wouldn't allow the use of a tournament regulated livewell.
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didnt want to touch this issue with a 10 ft pole...., but heres my thoughts, as an officer we must go by what the rule states, this issue needs to be addressed again but unfortunately that cant happen until the year end business meeting when rule changes are made. no changes are to be made mid season... on the personal side of things.... we allowed him to fish the night tournie, so why the sudden change? even if he has a slight advantage, so do us kickboaters over the tubers. and even though he wupped  up on us at sonoma.... oh well thats fishing.  back to the officer side of things, i guess we as officers should of not allowed it before it happened. s%#t happens... i also dont want to discourage him from the club ! he obviously is a good stick and i'm sure he has the experience and knowledge that could be a great asset to the club and to the young guns.  i dont know what immediate affect my 2 cents will have, but there it is.
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It was recommended to me (by private message) that I look into the Future Pro Tour and fish their small boat division.  How many of you guys fish that?  Talk about being at a disadvantage being lumped into a category with 90hp outboard powered boats!  I may try out one of their Clear Lake events, but it will definitely be a David vs Goliath event!! 
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Some of the guys have extra rigs maybe someone can lend you there spare for the tournament?
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I fished out of a float tube with the club for one year, realized that the majority of members were using kickboats and transitioned over. Unfortunately this isn't a mirage drive kayak club, I'm not sure why you were allowed to fish the Sonoma tourney in the first place. Don't let this issue turn you off, they are a great group of guys to fish with, just pick up a kickboat (I recently sold one for $200) and fish. Also your feelings of being out classed by FPT small boat division could be how some club members feel about your kayak. Good luck and as mentioned, the investment into a pontoon boat is well worth getting the chance to fish with a great club.

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I was allowed to fish it because in the rules it states that kayaks are allowed to fish without the use of motors or sails of which my kayak has neither.  This is just as you are allowed to fish it from a kick boat because it's in the rules even though it's not the Sonoma County Kick Boat Bass Club.

Did you really just compare the +-2mph speed advantage and slight range advantage that my craft has to your kick boat to the +-45mph speed advantage and an entire lake in range advantage that a boat with a 90hp would have over a kayak?  WOW!!!!!  Talk about apples to oranges!! 

As I said before, I have quite a large sum of money invested in my Hobie Kayak and trailer and have absolutely no interest in purchasing something else.  Not to mention that in my quest to make the Hobie Kayak Fishing Team I would be disqualified by fishing from another brand of craft.  I read the club rules and as per the way they are currently written (which apparently can't be changed until the season is over) my craft complies with what is written. 

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My 2 cents is if you allowed ring king to fish the first touney then you need to let him finish out the year and decide after the season to vote on kayak restrictions if any. Doesnt seem right to me to say he cant fish at this point if you didnt let him know before sonoma that his rig was illegal. Why didnt someone say something to him before the tourney? I dont see what the big deal is any way the advantages and disadvantages of the kayak and pontoon balance out,seriously. If I was you guys I would be happy to get some new blood in the club and increase members. Loosen up guys.
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my 02 again.
Where are the flippers?  

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My .02 cents.... The rules say "fins" and these are "fins".

And this is the Mirage Drive that I use that they mount to..

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He's just trying To point out a gray area, that in the rules it doesn't Clarify exactly what type of flippers. Back when those rules were made obviously everyone was well aware of what kind of flippers the rule was Referring to! When that rule was voted on - there was no Hobie Mirage drive to think about, that's why the rule has no specific clarification because everybody obviously knew what flippers Meant. Becoming a new member I can see where the confusion or misdirection could take place. Is it human powered yes, does it have a mechanical drive system? Yes! Personally I really don't care if you fish , But this does need to be voted on and if it passed I'm sure electric trolling motors would pass with it!! It's a big thing to think about as far as everybody rearranging boats to fit everything, who would be able to get trolling motors first etc. etc. weight issues ?capacity? I know a lot of peoples boats can't handle that much weight !trolling motor with a battery would add at least 75 lbs. Don't take this personally but I would definitely vote no on the issue. I like the fact that everybody has to row or kick underwater & That the good sticks obviously standout tournament to tournament year after year. If it was up to me belly boats wouldnt be allowed either only kick boats! And obviously change it to sckbbc. This would greatly avoid further confusion or debates, And every boat would be equal - it would be up to the angler to show his or her skills Sorry I had to chime in again just my opion.
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If you still want to fish this weekend, I can probably get a Kickboat for you to use.  PM me and we can discuss.

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I don't know how many if anyone saw the post that was here.  I've deleted it and do want to apologize to Andy Mercado for what I said.  It wasn't a grand personal attack so please don't read too much into this, but I just believe the comments were better left unsaid.  His position is one of a voluntary status and I'm sure it's greatly appreciated that he has taken that role.

I'm going to stop all the bickering now.  My point wasn't so much to change anyone's mind and be allowed to fish but I was just pointing out the fact that I was indeed being discriminated against due to my Hobie Mirage Pro Angler.  It is a very capable craft and excels at what it was designed for.  It does conform to the club rules as they are written.  If there is an issue with kayaks then it should be changed in the rules as it was very unfair to allow me to fish one event and then ban me from future events b/c you suddenly see kayaks as an unfair advantage.  Rules are just that.....Rules!  They should be followed until they can be voted on and changed regardless of what situations they get you into.  I have never caught a fish while doing 5mph so I'm not sure why that was even brought up.  It has carried me to many top finishes in kayak and boat tournaments and I do not wish to swap vessels at this time. 

Obviously the rules need to be changed as the majority of you do not want kayaks fishing with the club.  It's beyond me how that ever made it beyond a club vote to start with.

Thank you for at least allowing me to fish one event with you guys.  Everyone was very courteous and friendly to me at that event and made me feel very welcome.  You have some great fishermen in your club and I wish you guys all the best.  Maybe we will meet under more pleasant circumstances next time.  Again if you see me on the water and would like to say hello please do.

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