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I think bed fishing is what got me into bass fishing, i didnt catch any last year, but after seeing those 5 pounders sitting on top of their beds, got me hooked.
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white fluke
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Bed fish with a lizard .... the 4 inch mini-lizards all the way up to the "iguanas" (10") ... Bass hate salamanders and will kill them on site. Ive had some luck with mudpuppies in the nest. just drop it in there and wiggle it around ...

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cant wait to try these out. well dunt wan it to be easy, but would like to win a tourney and time and space may collide to use bed fishin to make it happen.
big fish 2011:
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Try a white lizard on a small jighead ... it keeps the lizard pointed down like its feeding on bass eggs, and youre able to bounce it around the nest and rile the bass into striking ... works really good for sitefishing from the bank

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i really like throwing a jackal giron on the nest, but rigging it backwartds so u tie to the tail and put a 1/4 oz wieght on the split ring, then i just keep it in one spot and wiggle the tail

Bass fishing is my passion, my obsession, and my life.
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crankbaitmaster(self acclaimed), you brag about your BIGGEST fish, then admonish how you caught it????  dude, get a clue      scottyb

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