My name is Gunther and a fanatic floattube fisherman.
I am from Belgium(europe) and always go fishing in the Netherlands on freshwater lakes and rivers.
next year I want ot go on a fishvacation if possible with the bellyboat.
canada is my dream,but if there is something else no problem.who knows what the option are?   this is who I am.
thx anyway
grts Gunther

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Well I guess you have to narrow it down.  What time of year and what state do you want to visit?

Great blog by the way.  Awesome fish!!!

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is that a walleye if so thats a biggin
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Hi Gunther:

There are many different places you can fish in Canada or the US from a float tube. If there is a specific species of fish (salmon, trout, bass, etc) you would like to catch, or style of fishing (fly fishing, spinning, bait, etc.) you would like to try, this will help narrow down your choices. Once you make your choice, you can research the time of year the fish are running and best places to go.

I have fished all over the western United States and Alaska for many different species of freshwater fish and whenever I am planning a special trip, these are some of the things I look at.

Also, I checked out your blog and the photos are great. I wish you the best of luck fishing and the planning of your next fishing adventure.

Take care, 

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thx for the respons!
and yes that is a zander(walleye),but they are bigger in europe then in the states,however this was a very "big" one.
40 inch and well over 25 pounds,maybe a once in a lifetime fish.
I know the great lakes in Ontario are a little to big for the floattube,without a guide.
June or september is the time I want to go.
I know also that a big muski is hard to catch,especially when it is only for one week.
laketrout is on my list but salmon,smallmount,everything is fine to me.
It isn't for catching big fish(but no problem if it is!),but for the awesome nature and a good time,and doing something special for a belgium fisherman.
I know there are many fly-in lodges,but I am alone and the most of them is for min. 4 persons.
I am open for any option,even Alaska but that's a little bit on the edge I think!
grts Gunther
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Hi Gunther and welcome to our site.
  Come on out to the wine country and go for a hike to our little jewel, Lake Ilsanjo. Here you'll catch a lot of bass in a beautiful location. When your done then we can go fish the California Delta and pick out a few large mouth bass and maybe a striper bass too. We could then go the one of the worlds best bass factories, Clear Lake and get on some real big bass.

   Then when you think you've had enough belly boating, we can drift down the russian river through the vinyards and catch small mouth bass. Then after all that you can get on a plane and fly to some other fishing wonderland. So keep Sonoma County in your cross hairs for a cool fishing destination.

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anyone knows where this is??

I'm not into flyfishing but that is awesome!
and can be done with a castingrod.
grts Gunther
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Richie, get me a 100k budget and we will blow that movie out of the water!

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wow is right,
and we thought we're bad boys on the water.  now I like to see someone try to catch a shark!!! on a float tube LOL
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 WOW!!!! & here i was thinking that a bass might pop my boat, who needs a net!!! he just pulled them up right along the boat.

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 I don't  know were that is but if you like that scenary It's a must to see the beautiful land of lakes and volcanoes were my family is from. I'm talking about Nicaragua, especially Granada. 100% tropical, Lake Nicaragua is fresh water and full of one of a kind species you'll only find there. Saw Sharks, Rainbow bass(Guapote good eating) just to name a couple. Stay on your own island or you can check out the mambo tours canopy tour were you climb 200 yr old trees and ride zip lines from one to another above a coffee plantation. Night life, Fresh food and super cool folks. Many europeans go there. Just a suggestion.

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