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well, the "sick fish" is advertized on monster now ... theyre a quarter of the price as bennos baits, same colors lol .. But, the reviews tell it all ... one reviewer stated that he will always keep the trash fish as a primary and use the sick fish as a secondary, and the other said they didnt have the same action as the trash fish lol .... keep pouring Benno, I wll always buy your baits
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Here`s something I copied and pasted from the cal-bassin forum from Benno.

Hey folks, I thought I would clarify some of the speculation, and let everyone know that we did not sell out. I have known about this copy for about a year and a half. This is a sticky situation for me to explain, but I will say: We didn't get screwed (thanks to an old friend with integrity), but we didn't get a rich (or comfortable) either.What we did get kept us alive just long enough for people to discover Little Creeper and put us on a road to possible success.
  Berkley does what they do. There is no good way to fight them (even if we wanted to). We feel that every minute we spend doing anything other than making our game better, improving our existing baits, or creating new baits is time wasted. I have only seen one photo of the Berkley bait and it looks a lot like my original trash fish prototype. It also looks pretty firm. We will see how they swim (especially at slow speeds) and what the colors will look like. It is a bit flattering to have a company think they can make a ton of money based on our design. However What do at Little Creeper produces a very different product than what can be done in a mass produced, high profit model.
  So we will keep doing what we do. We will continue to improve the Trash Fish, and try to create new baits that simply perform better, and catch more fish. We will continue to hand pour our baits one at a time in the USA. This makes it hard to get wealthy but hopefully we can make enough to survive and enjoy our lives. Around hear we say: "We can't make them cheap. But we can make them worth every penny." We will do everything we can to prove it.  Thanks for your support. It is nice to know people like what we do and want to see us succeed.

Good luck,
    Benno, and the whole Little Creeper crew
"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens." Jimi Hendrix
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