I want to first thank the officers and members of BnT for hosting another great event at Clear Lake. Let me start by how I ended up picking the area that I fished. I was on you Tube and saw a video of the 2003 Bassmaster elites on C. L. and the format was the final 12 anglers fished 6 individual holes all in the area between the steel wall and the keys. Alton Jones ended up winning the event and a majority of the fish came from that area. So after a dismal 3 hours on Friday with no fish I had eliminated the side I normally fish. I then had a nice conversation that afternoon with Randy Kidd who gave me some insight to what he had found out and gave me an under spin to use. I started off the morning at my desired area and was surprised no one else was there. The area was alive with activity and I began by throwing a white speed trap with out success. I then threw a senko for a few and no bites. I the decided to try the under spin and the second cast gave me my first keeper about #3 maybe. I worked around my area and was getting bumped but not hooking up so I decided to slow the retrieve down and make better contact with the bottom. I was throwing deep into the tules and slow swimming it and caught a small 2 lber. I repeat the cast and bam a solid strike and fight was on my 6.8 was landed and my confidence sored as I knew my area had some good fish on it. I had my limit by 8 am and had lost a couple of other big fish.Everyone who came by was very respectful of my position and allowed me to fish my area or asked if fishing near me was ok. I had about 14lbs and new I needed to improve so I made  small move and finessed a couple of fish for upgrades. The under spin had stopped working during the heat of the day. So heading back in I weighed in 17.80 for day 1. sitting in second behind Matt and Kevin was right behind me. Day 2 was different as the area was much quieter and I did not have a fish for about 2 hours or more. I finally got  a couple of small fish from my spot the caught a 4lber. The bit had picked up but the majority of the fish were being caught to my right by a Bnt angler (whos name I don't remember) sorry I am terrible about that. I had had some bad thought going through my head about choking again at the open but I was determined to keep pushing. I had to let some air out of my bladders and needed to go to shore to do so. I moved past the angler to my right and on my way out I noticed a small depth change from 3 to six feet and decided to make a cast in it. I had 3 fish in 4 casts and had my limit and culled a small fish. I worked that area for most of the rest of the day but it had cooled off. I went back to my original area and began to finesse fish. I used a mm II fx straight tail and caught a nice #3lb plus which add a couple of lbs Matt was right behind me at that point and asked if that helped and I confirmed as much. By 1pm Randy had made his way near Matt and I and we were all fishing the area and chatting away trying to give advice etc.  I then made the winning cast near the edge of the tule line with my drop shot and the 5.89 ate . T he fight was on and I almost knocked her off with my net but she finally made her way in. I was stoked at that point because I new I had a chance. I went to shore to cull my fish out and we all made our way back to the launch area. I was nervous because the guys ahead and behind me are all very good fisheman and I really wanted to win. This has been a long journey for me to finally get a win. 9 yrs since joining the club. Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way and during this event. I hope this helps someone to keep going and remember to pay it forward. Love you all. !!!!!!
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Great report. Good job
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Great job, Andy.  Best Birthday ever?
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Good Job Andy and nice Report! 
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Great job Andy congrats on the win brother
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Awesome! [goodjob][clapping][report]

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