Ok, Guys ive been in contact with M&M campground. Apparently M&M is in escrow and is going to be sold. So there might be a chance that we might not have the open at M&M. I have a phone meeting schedule for April 7th to find out the status of the campground.I want to let everyone know the back-up plan just in case we cannot go to M&M.
      April 7th going to call Percy, find out the status of the campground and if he's in charge everything is going to stay the same
      Ok, back-up plan
      1)Two Day tournament out of the Public launch out of the Oaks, this way people can launch into the keys or the main lake launch on the swim beach so were not in the way of boat launching and the keys side is wide open to launch.
      2) Raffle at the main launch 30 to 40mins after the last boat weighs in.
      3) Everyone will be on the own for lodging. I will list possible lodging option in a separate post.
      4) I will arrange with Bob from Limit out to do Friday afternoon early Check-in at Limit Out and then also do check-in saturday Morning at the ramp
      Also note State park is closed and Konocti is booked for that weekend for the Wild West Tournament Series!
      We didn't want to cancel the open and moving the dates would be close to impossible.If you guys have any question feel free to call me (408)504-7016 or shoot me a email
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