Another great B-N-T event is in the record books. Thanks to all the B-N-T staff for putting on another kick bass tournament.And a two thumbs up goes out to Mr John Lake for 1st place at the biggest and baddest Pro Kick Boat Tournament. It was great seeing every one from all the regions and meeting some new faces. I had a blast kicking back and eating fried chicken under the tarp as the rain came down at the M-N-M camp ground. Every year I get a chance to meet a few new float tubers and talk fishing.

The fishing for me was as its been all year, tough. On day one I fished Red Bud and thought I had a plan, but things didn't go as planned. I was only able to scrape up two small keepers. One on a Sinko and the other on a speed trap. I didn't miss any fish. I had a great time with the Crappies and Blue Gills as they seemed to like every thing that swam they're way.

I tried to dig deep down for day # two and pull a bass out of my hat. I fished with all the regular baits, but no love. I did have three fish on, but only long enough to watch as they freed them selves from my hooks and swam away,ouch. This sport can be brutal at times and very humbling for sure. Some how I can go out and fish for eight hours, get skunked and still some seem to have a good time. I sure can't wait to shake this Monkey off my kick boat. Next stop is Highland Spring.

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Thanks for the report! I really wanted to fish that one with you all! Glad you had a good time, good job John Lake!

Here are some photos of what I got to see in the water Saturday, be glad, be very glad you don't have this in your waters!

Should get out on the water this week with the new boat. The St. John river is quite tricky so I have to learn lots about it, navagating and about the boat, as a new boat owner.

Promise, I will send some photos of BASS soon!

Keep up the good work Prez!

John Stangle
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Thanks Rich look for a report on calfishing soon.
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This was a hard week end. I have to tell you I had thought that M&M was the hard one for me. I had pre fished it on Wednesday and has some luck in the keys. I really though that there where going to be some large fish caught on frogs in the morning out of the keys but once i had arrived there where no fish to be found. The keys had beat me the only thing i was able to pull out was a 15# carp.
I pulled out to the point going into the keys. This spot had produced fish on Wednesday. The fish where stacking up. In about 10' of water There had been people fishing it the entire time. It was noon know and only 3 hours left 0 fish in the boat. when I pulled up I watched some one pull in a fish. In the next hour and a half I pulled up 3 fish lost 5. The fish where not hitting hard at all.
I pulled back into the first key. I started to see some shad breaking going into the key. I through Sinkos, Shad raps and a crank bait nothing. I moved into the first key and started to pitch into the trees and lost 3 fish one that was really nice. with only a 30 min left there was a stump that i through to and catch number 4. for 3lb. day 1 10.25 one dead fish. total 9.75 game over for day 1.

day 2
I know by know that most of the people are going to go to the pump house and position my self to get out there with the first boats. About five boats show up to the same spot. First cast and I have one in the boat. In the next 3 hours I have count 5 fish but only 3 are keeps. I keep on fishing the same 200 yards of shore and with and pick up two more fish. We have about two hours left and i start back to the weigh in. I pick up one more fish to cull on the way in and that makes 5 fish for 13.5 lB
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So far I have 3.5 lb sport

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Good Job Dale

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Good job Dale it was fun at the pump house, well at least until the wind got us.
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