A friend of mine (John Cregan), recently learned his wife is diagnosed with Leukemia.  A bunch of close friends helped organize a bass tournament.  John is an avid bass angler that fishes the occasional tournament or bass series and has met numerous people on the tournament trail.  Some of these pro's are fishing the tournament and auctioning off their back seat for the day on the water.  These pros include Jimmy Reese, Ken Mah, Jason Kincanon, Mark Crutcher, and Gary Gutierrez.  Also, you can sign per team for $200 a boat. 

There will be plenty of food, raffle prizes, and beer to be had at the end of the tournament.  The tournament is out of the Casino on Clear Lake.

Please visit the link for further details: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/battle-leukemia-fundraiser-bass-tournament-tickets-37560130361

Thank you! 

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Will check it out dude

Kevin Marcheschi

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Sounds like a fun event & good cause!
Bucket Mouth
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