I was unsure if I was going to making it to the Classic due to my job situation.
I won't start my new job until the 26th of Sept.  So in this case I will be doing the BBQ.

We will be having Hamburgers and Hotdogs.
I would like to ask for a couple of volunteers to bring potato salad or macaroni salad for the bbq. Also someone to bring chips.
This will take place about 530 -6pm after the weigh-in and before the raffle.
The club will be providing the food.

I am not going all out this year due to time and money situation. Usually in the past i have done burritos for breakfast,  this year I won't have the time so I do apologize.   

I will also be cooking a wild pig ham on Friday.  So if you would like to due a pot luck on Friday with everyone your more than welcome to bring anything you would like.  I don't have my campsite yet but will update that asap.

If there is anything you guys want bring it or let me know.
Hope to see everyone out there!!!


2016 Tournament Director

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That's good to hear you can make it!! I will bring 2 bags of chips for Saturday. How many bags do we need? I had dinner planned for Friday, but maybe I'll bring something? if I grab something for Friday should it be meat or some kind of macaroni or potato salad ?
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Mark my friend. You and your wife have always done a great job at the Classic feeding all of us and spoiling us. Thanks for always making the Saturday dinner a great one. Bergers and Dogs will do just fine. I'll bring some cookies. I look forward to seeing everyone there shootin the sh*t and eating some food. Good times!

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Thanks guys!!!!

Jason 2 or 3 bags should be good I think.  Whatever kind you feel should be good.  potatoe or mac sounds good to me!  The pig is in the brine as we speak!!!!

Thanks Rich for the good words, We love doing this.  i was a little bummed out with the thought that I possibly would not be able to make it.  So when I found out that I will leave the 26th I was stoked!!!! 
2016 Tournament Director

It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived. Gen.George S Patton
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Good to hear Marc & congrats again on the new job,I too appreciate all that you & Laura have done,take it easy this Classic,burgers & dogs will be just fine......not sure what yet but I'll bring something to contribute for Friday night pot luck!
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