We have a very important meeting coming up next week. We will be voting on the lake's we fish during the 2008 season. So if there is a certain lake you like to fish during a certain month of the year you should start to make plans to attend our December 5th meeting.

We will also be voting on new officer's. So if you plan on running for office this is the meeting to be at for sure.

Voting on the lake's this early in the year give's the officer's plenty of time to set the date's for the 2008 tour. We then need to get all the permit request's filled in and mailed out. We also need to get proof of insurance for every event we fish. So we have a lot to take care of before Feb 08'

This meeting will NOT count for point's. Yes there will be a raffle with all the great bait's you remember from 2007. Hope to see all of you there. Codding Town Round Table Pizza, Santa Rosa, Ca, 7:00 PM


P.S. If you can't make the meeting feel free to contact some one who will be there or myself and give them your vote for what body of water during which month of the year you would like to fish it.
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I will be out of town for training next week so I will miss the meeting. I would also like people to take a vote on how many times we would fish a lake each season. Mainly thinking of Blue lakes. Do we really want to drag our stuff up and down that hill twice a year? Just my two cents. Hate to miss the meeting. It should be a good one.

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Maybe we should just be a clear lake region.
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Yeah, So we can keep giving bill all the money every tourney!

I'd like to see:

clear lake
clear lake
clear lake
blue lakes
clear lake

Not necessarily in that order!

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Hey guys,

I won't be able to go to the meeting so here's my list of places:

Feb: Berryessa
March: Sonoma
April: Delta
May: Clear Lake (One thing to consider, can we not make BnT's Open part of our tourney trail?) We should really consider having our own tourney and not piggy back a BnT event as our own since our numbers are getting larger in terms of membership. I'm would like to try and fish it as a bonus tourney not an SCBBBC tourney.
June: Delta
July: Clear Lake
August: Delta
Sept: Sonoma/ Blue Lakes
Oct: Clear Lake
Nov: Berryessa

We need to start thinking about moving away from smaller waters due to the increase in membership. Please I beseech thee, NO more Spring Lake or Highland or Blue Lakes!

Just my .02

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I can't make the meeting either so my vote(do I even get one if I'm not there?) is:

Feb- Berryessa

Mar- Clearlake - teams

Apr- Blue Lakes

May- Clearlake

Jun- Delta - Beacon Harbor

Jul- Sonoma -night teams

Aug- Clearlake - can you get away with 4am blast offs?

Sep- Delta - Beacon Harbor

Oct- Clearlake

Nov- Sonoma

That is my final answer. Rich and Jon Bird are definetly heading up to Pillsbury with me sometime this spring. After the dates are set for the tourneys we should set up a group trip to try it out for '09.
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I will not be able to make the meeting do to Work.

Feb - San Pablo Norther Ca record came form here

March - Delta Schedule the day to launch 2 hours before high tide

April - Highland

May - Clear Lake W/B-n-T Only if they are going to make our open part of theres other wise not and have our own tournemnet the first weekend in May.

June - Delta Diffrent location Launch same time

July - Berryessa

Aug - Delta Once again

Sep - Spring Lake

Oct - Clear lake Open

Nov - Blue Lakes

This is my wish list Santa

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Hey Guys,

Been busy here at work (still here like usual) so have my usual suggestions.

Oh, DZ, Pablo has about 10 million regulations and we've looked into it in the past. Not a chance in hell unfortunately. Also, MANY regulations regarding where float tubes can fish there...

Feb - Sonoma
Mar - Clear
Apr - Delta
May - Clear
Jun - Clear
Jul - Delta
Aug - Sonoma
Sep - Highland
Oct - Clear
Nov - Clear

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I know I'm not a member yet, and wont make all the tournaments, but i'm sure ill make some of them. I notice a lot of people are throwing out Spring Lake, Highland, and the Blue Lakes, but adding 4-5 trips to Clear Lake. I think Clear is great, but definitely some variety is needed. I know spring isn't what it used to be, but the big fish there sure can make it worth it when its done right. Plus people are forgetting berryessa. I'd also like to throw out the idea of the Windsor Riverfront Lakes. DJ talked a bit about it when i fished with him. If you could have the option of either lakes, it might not be a bad idea. The lakes would hold a good amount of Toons. Just some ideas.

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Here is my Recommendation,

Clear Lake (State or County)
River Front Ponds
Blue Lakes-Clear (night)
Clear Lake

Other ideas if we were willing to go would be Oroville, Folsom, and New Melones.
Just ideas,
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As of now to get a permit with BOR for berryessa is $200.00 this year so I`m thinking berryessa may be out for this year unless we want to pay this ridiculous amount.Most boat circuits have taken berryessa out of there schedule as well because of this gouging,something to keep in mind.
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I under stand the idea not to be wasting the $$$ on Berryessa. On the other hand don't we have to have a release boat every time we go to Clear Lake? That is $200.00 So know we only fish there during B-N-T Open and ours.

Perhaps we can do a little cost control by having ever one pay $7.00 more that goes to cover the cost of the Permit or re lease boat. I sure would like to fish Clear Lake more as well as Berryessa.

Just a Thought. I realize that this could start to push some people out of the chance to fish our club. I hope it would not.

So as I see it these are the lake every one has come up with

Clear Lake - $200.00 Re-lease boat
Delta - $200.00 Permit
Spring Lake
Blue lakes
River front Park

I would like to see us fish the Delta a couple times. This always seems to bring a few of the B-N-T guys out and I always like the big turn outs.

That is my 2 Cents

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I agree with a few people here about the lakes for next year. I think that we should NOT fish Highland Springs or Spring Lake unless its a T-shoot. I think that that smaller ponds are not big enough for 25-35+ people anymore.

Basshog-The Windsor ponds would be a cool place(local) but there just isnt the quality of fish there. 5 years ago that would would have been a great place but now its dink city!

I really agree with Kodiak in terms of a schedule. I think that could make for a really fun schedule. Big lakes with lots of room for all of us. However I also think that a overnighter to Pillsbury would be alot of fun(if the roads there are decent enough to make it. Also maybe and its a BIG maybe what about Indian Valley? Its plenty big has great bass fishing and a pretty good launch ramp. I dunno just my thought on some newer bodies of water.

I would be willing to pay a few extra bucks to get the permits to fish Berryessa. That is a great lake that I think is worth the extra couple of dollars to fish.


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I agree, berryessa would be fine if we each added say $5 to our entry fee for that tournament to pay for the permit.

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Spring lake is still plenty big enough to hold a tourney,its a tough lake but it has some quality fish in there.Not only that but its our last local lake,we`ve already cut out fountain grove and ilsanjo.The windsor ponds is far worse then spring lake thats for darn sure,not only is it smaller but the quality of fish pretty much sucks.
Folsom is a long ways away and you would almost have to spend the night for that one,and to me the quality of fish is not worth the trip.And what about pre-fishing for folsom?There`s another weekend shot just to pre-fish for it.
Sure we could afford berryessa but its not about that as much its the principle of it all.I think all orgs. and clubs should stick together on this one so for next year maybe they`ll reconsider this fee and change it back.
I would really like to get to hennesy somehow,I know its highly unlikely but its worth a shot.
Pillsbury is a possibility I`m down with trying that.Indian valley flat out sucks and would be a horrible place to have a tourney in my opinion,sorry Daniel.Not only the drive sucks but the fishing is even worse for quality fish.
As much as I hate highland(as you can tell from my past tourneys there)Its still big enough for us all.
there`s my 2 cents for now
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