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add Nate Albers to the list please
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Might fish this one if I don't get in the REBC tourni also being held at the Delta the same day. Beacon is always fun to fish! I will confirm by Friday.

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I'm going to try and show up for this one, can you put me on the list

-Jeff Wilson

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Is there a caravan or can meet someone and follow you over?
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Joe Agrillo is in.

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Anyone care to split a ride with me, I'll cover half the gas and the parking fee. Im in the middle of work, and am moving from my house on the 31st ... last tournement of the season.... any takers?


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Just to let anyone know if they head up the night before that they might want to check with beacon harbor. Not sure if camp site closed but it was roped off when i went by there.
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well if the campground is closed, I'll see you guys at the party in the parking lot. Headin to Sac this eve to buy a new Benelli then to beacon, should be arriving round 830pm or so.

Is there gonna be a baby striper drop shot event tonight?

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Will be there
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Nate thats the plan....

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no ride, cant go.
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cya there, i'm in

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