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1stchild, I fished ALL those lakes way back in the early to mid 70's when I lived in Woodacre and Forest Knolls. Would love to wet a few lines with you when I get back from Kuwait!...

by-the-by ... I was a round to see Nicasio Resivoir dry up during the drough of 77. It was amazing to be able to walk down by the dam and club huge crap in the shallows.... Lets fish!! 
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Thanks for all the info guys..... i am mentally thinking of spots that should be holdin pre-spawns or spawners. those lakes can be epic and a good work out. i am learning a lot from shore fishin, that i am using for boat fishin.

bagdadfisher, when you get back i would to go out and hit some of those lakes wit you

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One of my favorite things about Clear Lake is that the Bass will find clam beds.  These stick out because they look like big white plates on the bottom of the lake.  I found a spot a few years back and there had to be 50 beds on one point.  Each of them having 3-4lb clone on each.  In the deeper edges of these beds was 3 with HUGE fish on them.  I pulled of two males over 5lb.  I never was able to get the females to commit.

2016 Goal a Spot over 5lb
So far I have 3.5 lb sport

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awesome, i do believe there are pre-spawners or spawners happenin in some of the lakes i have been fishin. today while out i saw a fish in the shallows and decided to flip a jig towards it. as soon as it hit the water it attacked it. grabbed it shock it then spit it out. flared its gills at it... then as i reeled it to show it popped it again in bout 3inches of water. so i pulled the jig out of the water, the fish swam round and back to a spot. then i flipped it back in and again as soon as it hit the water he went after it flared his gills then popped it. i didnt even try to set the hook, it did it all by itself.

was a very insightful day.

big fish 2011:
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