I'm able to go out and fish a totally full Lake Berryessa with 27 anglers who I have a lot in common with, get not one bite all day and I was able to stay confident as if each cast was going to be a keeper. Thank you everyone who made this day possible for me. You know who you are, but I can't forget to thank Jeff Andress for adding to the payouts for the top three anglers. That is a way cool thing to do for the club.

     I knew the water was muddy, but didn't know there was any clearer water near by, so I work shallow reaction baits for a while, then dragged bottom baits for the biggest part of my day. Jigs, drop shot, and nothing, but the weather was perfect and the lake looked great all filled to the brim. I wish we were going back sooner rather then later.

  Congrats to Matt N on a great win with very tough conditions for all. To catch a limit on a day like that was perty cool. Congrats to Chris for a good second and Josh for getting third. My hats off to the 6 or 7 guys that caught fish. I love this sport of bass fishing more and more with every day I fish fish less without one bite.

   When you ask some of the clubs hottest stick how they did and they say zilch, nata. You know you did your best and left it all on the water. What more can I ask for? Thanks again to all of you guys that make the SCBBBC keep on keeping on and I look forward to the next tour stop at Lake Sonoma.


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it was a fun day always great hanging out with the boys and doing sum fishing
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