I was thinking about the next couple of tournaments coming up and after the last tourney I think it would be good to look at fish care and livewells especially during hot days. The hot weather and water don’t help and its probly a good time to check out our gear. I’m sure it will be hot at the Delta and Clear Lake.

I always run my air pump and flush out the livewell several times during the day when I have fish in there. Anyone wanna share some tips on what they do?

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 I'm stumped.
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ice bottles are a great idea.... just be careful on how much you cool your livewell. a drastic change in temp from either lake to well , or well back to lake could shock your fish and kill em . i belive there are you tube videos that can help with this issue. hydrogen peroxide is a great source of oxygen.
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I don't have a bubbler but a spray bar.  I drain my water from the bottom and top feed.  So sometimes I open the bottom and spray the top for a few minutes before closing it to fill.  That seems to help a lot and never had any dying fish.  I think the key is draining from the bottom and putting fresh water from the top
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As said all of the above are great ideas! I personally circulate my water every 10 minutes. And I have a very long HOSE on my pump so that it can get as deep as possible to pull up the cooler and oxygenated water.
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