Hey All,

Im from Kansas, which is pretty far from most of you all, however I have been browsing your boards because I am interested in getting involved in fishing pontoon kickboats on the lakes I have around here. So I have a couple questions because it sounds like all you guys have your ducks in a row.

1. What kickboat is fairly well known and reliable and comes between $200-$500 that you would recomend me getting for my first kickboat.

2. I fish tournaments as a non-boater, and we dont have tournaments for float tubes and kickboats aroud here, so I will just be fishing for fun. However, I still would like a livewell for my kickboat. Just in case I want to take a picture once i get to shore, or if i fished for crappie or walleye. I have read about follow-me bags. Would these work for me? Or would I be better off building one from a cooler? If the cooler is the better option, is there any place I can get some information on exactly how to build a livewell like that?

3. What is the best way to build a rod holder for a kickboat? Or are there already pre-made ones I could buy? I only need it to hold 3 or 4 rods.

Again... thanks for any information you guys can share with me!!
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1.) fishcat xl-ir is the one i have and i bought it for 200 used off a friend. they retail for 450 and are great!. Most users in the club have bucksbags, which are also great and some have ODC's or the big NORTHFORKS.

2.) the follow me bag seems like dragging an anchor around when going to different spots of your local pond or lake. the livewell is a lot better when it comes to moving around from spot to spot.
all you need is 50qt cooler, 500gph water pump kit you can find at walmart, pvc piping, marine switch for pump, aerator with 5" stone, and a small 12volt battery.
you will need a custom platform for your livewell on your kickboat.

3.) you can either put your rods on your livewell or make one out of a pvc piping.

get a T-pvc pipe and hose clamp it down to your pontoon frame.(build one off of that, pretty simple after that)
example of clamped down rod rock in picture(right of red pontoon boat)
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Wecome to our forum. A Bucksbags Southfork kick boat are a great boat. They're light, fast, and built to last. If your just using a live well for a few picture's then a large follow me bag would work great for you. Once you get set up call a few friends and have a small tournament. You might be surprised how it catch's on. Please post some picture's of your set up once you get it in the water.

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