Fern Lake

Suttonfield Lake

i found an good site with an bunch lakes i have never heard of bunch are on google maps
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i used that web site up here in oregon and all the waters i looked up on that web site ended up being closed to fishing and the public.  all were city resevoirs.

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Both are on the property of the Sonoma Developmental Center.  Although Suttonfield is officially not open to the public, it’s unofficially a local swimming hole.  It’s also loaded with bluegill, although I’ve never seen a bass swimming in its waters.


Fern Lake is on the slopes of Sonoma Mountain & is a beautiful lake.  Unfortunately, it was closed to public fishing several years ago.  You can still take a hike up there, however.  I’ve fished it many times & it has a great bass population.  But, that was before they closed it.  I think I read somewhere they had concerns about the safety of its dam.

Andy Parsons
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I did fish Fern once, nothing of any size, just a couple of 12 inchers on Senkos.  Somebody dumped an old refidgerator in the Lake and they closed the place down.  You used to be able to leave a $10.00 deposit at the Admin Building and get a key to drive up to the lake, the money was returned when you brought the key back.  I also something about the dam.  Worth a call through Nick.

Wannabee Jim Reese
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suttonfield has some nice size crappie if u fish deep off the dock on the dam. ive always caught them on spinner baits.

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I can tell you as a current employee of Sonoma Developmental Center that both lakes are closed to public access at this time.  Both lakes are closed to fishing as they are the water supply for the facility.  We are slated for closure December 2018 and depending on who takes over what, access may be restored.

I fished Fern lake back in the day as my mother began her state work here in 78.  It had many bass, yes were mostly 12 to 15 inches in length.  I think part of that was due to lack of bass fishing skills.  My father used to fish the lake regularly as well and caught many a catfish there.

Some staff I am told hike the trails to Fern Lake and fish it during off hours.  I have not tried to do so myself though.

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