Hello All,

I'm currently using a float tube but really want to upgrade to a pontoon. I mostly bass fish in lakes, reservoir and "The Delta". My budget is $300-$400. Also, I'm looking for a pontoon that can be upgraded (e.g. trolling motors, multiple rod holder, tackle boxes, live well). Please advice.

PS. Thank you in advance for all the helps and suggestions. This is a great and resourceful site. Thank you all, again!!!
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Hey Ferdie, Welcome to the board. Here's a good deal on a water skeeter on ebay for under $300 I think most kickboats can all be customized with all the goodies! I'm sure someone else will chime in with other suggestions! have fun


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I saw one at the Rohnert Park Costco that looked like a great deal. 9 foot pontoons and looked like it was well constructed for $ 259.00. Not sure what brand it was.

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Hi guy,
Enrico here from IBBF-TEAM(www.ibbf-team.it), Italy.
If you go to Oregonfishing.com you can find great sale in kickboat.I have a Backcast model 2004 and it's full optionals.The only gap comes from the steel frame a bit heavy in transport.As far as the custom you can link all that you need on the frame, like bags, nets and so on.I use a Minnkota 30 trolling engine and it runs lovely.I also linked on the back a sun panel to recharge my tiny motorbikes' battery and ensure to myself hrs of full pleasure!

Get well guy!
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Also if you contact our President Rich Caro, he has worked out a deal with bucks bag. They have a comparable pontoon to skeeter and it's call the High Adventure. It runs about 400, 8 ft pontoon, oars, motor mount, and battery mount. I think it's great deal and well we get a discount. Not to sure what's our discount but you can definitely save at least a 100. Contact Rich and can set up to where it will delivered right to your door step. Click on the link to bucks on our home page and take a look.
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Welcome to our forum.
I like the Bucksbag Southfork model. I also have a skeeter and its a great boat for the bucks spent. The south fork has a stainless steel frame and rocker plontoons. The skeeter has a powder coated frame and the plontoons creat more drag while oaring around the lake. This drag makes for a much slower boat. The south fork is also lighter in weight which is nice if you need to carry it from the truck to the honey hole.

I can save you some $$$ on a Bucksbag as a non member to our club, but I can save you a lot more $$$ if you are a club member. Feel free to contact me any time and we'll set you up or contact me after you buy your boat and lets fish.

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