I hope you guys are feeling the fishing feeling inside you as I am. Will Bihn be the guy again this year? He sure had a stellar year last year. Congrats Bihn ol buddy. How about Jacob, rookie of the year 2016. I bet he's looking forward to testing his skills against us in 2017 and I bet he has a good year. We have a hand full of new anglers that I don't know very well yet, but I plan on getting to know this years members a little better.

  Don't forget to thank Kevin M, for helping out with sponsor product and for stepping up to make the club funner for all of us. I remember Kevin when he was like 13 years old and Iv'e watched this guy grow and kick some bass with the club. Thanks Kev for all your doing. I hope your 2017 is a great one.

  Let's not forget Mike Ayers for all he has done and is doing for you and me. I think this guy deserves a brand new rod or something. He spends a lot of time behind the scenes keeping the club site up to date and the meetings flowing and going. Thanks Mike and I hope you slay this year as well.

  And I also would like to welcome back Mr. Scotty Beam, AKA "Mr Zebco" It's great to hear his loud voice cracking me up. I hope you make every event this year Scotty!

  So this year is like our 35th year I think. I plan on fishing every tournament and helping out all I can to make this yet another fun year for the club. I was 19 or 20 years old when I started putting on turkey shoots that helped start this club that is like my baby now. Now I'm 53 and I'm as jacked as I was that first time I hiked up to Sanj with my mountain trader strapped to my back pack and two bass pro spinning rods in hand and a bucket of live minnows.

  So lets put some fresh line on our reels and freshen up our boats and fix your live-well wire and charge your batteries as we get ready for 2017. Our lakes are full and the spring fishing will be off the hook! See you all at Berriessa.


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Good to see you Rich. If this year is half as good as it sounds we are in store for a great time. He we go!
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im glad to be here and can't wait for my 2nd season to start
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Nicely said Rich & thanx again Mike & Kevin!......def nice to hear Scottie's voice again too,was just getting to know you when you left.....haven't forgotten when you helped my wife & son out!....much appreciated & I too am excited to hit the water again with you all to compete,meet new people,have fun,fish other lakes & learn......the reasons I joined this club in the first place.See you all at Berryessa.
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