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sweet thank you...and this is the guy blaming it on weather and say the fish will be fine?
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Thats what he was saying on camera But be advised that could be out of context Those news guy do like a good story

keep there heads up
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Just got off the phone with an assistant to State Senator Carol Migden.
In response to a letter I sent them and the P.D. story they have been looking into
this thing. The lady I spoke with indicated that State Parks were basically giving her
run around, so she then called Fish & Game, who is now looking into this with an eye toward habitat restoration if necessary. Not sure what happens next... But the senators
office has invited me to call them anytime and promised to keep me informed of any developments. keep your fingers crossed and
Keep there heads up.
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Excellent work! Keep it up and perhaps we'll come out of this better off than before the whole mess started.
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