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Who was the first member who showed up in toon? If I am correct didn't we have to vote on allowing oars? I think there is an opportunity for this club to be around another 30 years. What was started 30 years ago has turned in to an amazing club with a great history and following behind it.

What I am suggesting is change, but this club has always evolved. That's what makes it great. Not just peddle drive kayaks, but getting rid of live wells. Which I think is better for the fish, specially during spawn times. I still see pictures of bass on stringers, then we enter to baskets and then livewells. Well let's take another positive step forward. This would allow trolling motors to be added to pontoons and kayaks. This topic comes up a lot with our club, here is the solution.

I love this club and the guys who fish it, past and present. I am proud of being part of it. I have an huge amout of respect and admiration for what our officers past and currently have done to keep it going. I just want it have a bright future in front of it. Does it right now? What if we added 30 plus new members to the tourney and the meetings. Fishing Kayaks tournaments are the fastest growing area of the sport. Let's jump on board, what's the worst thing that will happen? Either way I will continue to do what I can to fish with the club and support it. Thanks for the support and feedback.

Just my .02,

"The formula is this, we go out and we hit bass in the mouth!"
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Yes.... things have always evolved. We used to not allow oars, and even outlawed ping paddles guys used to use in the round tube.

I think add the trolling motors is not something I'd vote for, but I would vote fore pedals on the yaks.

As for the live wells, part of the fun in my opinion is being able to see and weigh in your big limit and see everyone else's. that is something I don't see ever changing, no one want to see a dude with a photo with a thumbs up instead of a couple of donks.

Despite all of the craziness about fishing during the spawn, fish dying, etc... there are not any truthful studies out there where it shows it actually hurts the fish.

Take Clearlake.... that place is absolutely hammered during the spring time, and it is probably one of the most plentiful, healthy, extraordinary bass lakes out there.

Looking at all the guys who build ponds, and raise trophy fisheries. They harvest and huge amount in order to maintain growth rates and stabilize the lakes for future growth. Harvesting is good. And with lakes like Clearlake, delta, etc it would take one hell of a harvest to negatively affect the lakes.

But anyway back to the main topic. The club doesn't belong to any one person. The club belongs to its members, and if the majority of members want change, than that's what will happen. I'm not a fan of some things, but when I actually think about.... there not really anything that would make me not fish the club. I don't care if you are in a 300 hp bass boat, or a round tube. Do your homework, pre fish, gain skills, challenge your self, put time on the water, and it doesn't matter how fast, how slow, or what kind of boat your in.

You can either figure it out, and catch fish or you won't. We're not talking about letting bass boats to fish, or power motors were talking about kayaks and foot pedals. It will not give anyone else an advantage.

The same thing happens when the first kickboat came(which I think was Jay Bryant) and people complained and cried about him being able to cover more water and blah blah blah. One guy stopped fishing because of it..... his loss. It's a great club and will continue to be great. But what will make it not great is not having any members and not having something to bring new lasting members to the club.

Kevin Marcheschi

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Thanks have some great and valid points I Have always had alot of respect and admiration for you. Your consistency amazes me. I know you care about this club as much as I do. If the club does not change or adapt I worry it will the numbers will continue to dwindle. I hope my post did not come off wrong or was preceived negatively.
"The formula is this, we go out and we hit bass in the mouth!"
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I love seeing all the different dialog from everyone about the simple question I asked about kayaks being used. It is obvious that people are interested in change. I fished from tubes in the 80's, kick boats in the last 6 years and now I am moving on to peddle kayaks. Peddle kayaks are growing in leaps and bounds right now. I want to fish tournaments on my kayak and would love to fish SCBBBC tourneys but if peddle power is not allowed I will have to go else where. By the way there is a big kayak tournament at Lake Shasta on the 25th/26th of March. First place is a Hobie Outback Kayak and all of the proceeds go to Veterans on the Water. Maybe someone can start a new club called CSCBC California Small Craft Bass Club and have a speed limit of 5 mph. Most small lakes have a no wake or 5 mph speed limit. Just some food for thought. I am interested in tournaments and welcome info on any that allow peddle kayaks. Maybe people that have kayaks and want to do tournaments can form so kind of tournament schedule. I would like to do some shootouts or jackpots. Put 20 bucks or so in a hat and the longest three fish wins the pot.
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You are welcome to come fish with Yak-A-Bass NorCal. The online tournaments start this month and the live events start in March. We are a KBF (Kayak Bass Fishing) affiliated club and go by their rules. All events are Catch Photo Release and use the Hawg Trough measuring device. Check us out on Facebook.

Also, Bass N Tubes allows pedal kayaks as long as you have a livewell built to their specs. I fished with them last year and had a blast. Unfortunately this year their tournament dates all conflict with the Yak-A-Bass dates so I won't be able to attend.
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