Thanks for putting on this great event. The water was in the 80s so this seemed like a well thought out 6 hr sundown event.

Team Riley/Dailey 5 fish 18.--LB And big fish 7.5-Lb.

Here is a pic of my night rigs. Big fish hit the chat hawk at 10:30pm. Shallow cover.

From the float tube, extra stealthy. Click image for larger version - Name: 20170709_191300.jpg, Views: 53, Size: 193.89 KB
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Didn't make it too far in this hawg stealth tube. Brendel insisted on using a net, big fish was too big to fit in it, big girl and definitely post spawn and feeding. Click image for larger version - Name: 1499653643995.jpg, Views: 26, Size: 147.65 KB
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Wall hangers. Awesome plaques. I will for sure be paying my membership dues and if my schedule allows, hopefully I can fish some more at these events on the schedule. Click image for larger version - Name: 1499653955693.jpg, Views: 21, Size: 201.74 KB
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way to go guys
beast mode for sure
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Dude that's sick you whooped all of us from 2 float tubes!! That's rad!! Congratulations, hope to see you at more tourneys guys.
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Nice Job Carson!
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Super Stout!!!  Carson, you are a stick!  Congrats to you and Matt!
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Nice Job Boys ! Good to see you again Carson. Long time.
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Congrats again Carson & Matt!!.....He's back!.....way to do what you do Carson,you haven't skipped a beat.
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awesome job guys !!! thought for sure those girls would be farther out in the main body by now... i guess its a late spawn.. CONGRATS !!!
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Thanks every1. Good to see everybody. Dailey already bought a bucks bags kickboat from Marchesci and wants to fish the delta and whatever is next. Looking forward to the delta but will need to exercise a little because I was cramping up tubing around yorty. Mr. Pham! Maybe you'll be there?
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Nicely done man, hope to see you more on the trail.
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Congrats Carson and Mr Daily on going old school and getting it done. I totally forgot about this event otherwise I would have loved to fish it. I hope to see all of you guys and girl at the Delta. 

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