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I am in as well as Sean Henderson will be there!
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I should be able to make it... Should be awesome!
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I will definitely be there.  Bummed to miss the last one!

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I will give it a shot!! First Night Tournament Sounds Like Fun!!
Chuck Belhumeur is in!!
Any day on the water is a good day......
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I am in. Haven't fished much these last 2 years, but just got a truck again so...
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You can count me in!!!!

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David Brown

Mike Casey

David Brown
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Marcus is in
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kidd and bird are all in

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Caros all in.....

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I'm in!!! See you there!!!
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looks like i wont be making it to this one... sucks cause this was one of my favorite tourneys we had last year.
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the brothers brendel will be there!

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#2 8.66 jig eastman
#3 7.12 Henrieta "The pond"
#4 7.06 A-Rig sonoma
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Bidwell is out. Been fighting a virus all week and can't make it. See you guys next tourney.
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if anyone needs, I have a southfork available. 707-888-7144. not selling it, just up for borrowing if your in a pinch

Kevin Marcheschi

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