There are no games this sunday (probowl dont count) so some of us were thinkin of hittin Sonoma. I was thinkin a T.S. Boats and kicks out of the public ramp. I was plannin on gettin my boat in the water and i think a few other guys want to get out. This will give us a chance to get together and hang out. Who is up for it?
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Sounds like fun to me. I'll most likely make it!
Where you thinking a turkey shoot or is it a practice day more or less?
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  Boats, kicks and tubes. I was thinkin of posting on Calbassin to see what kind of response i could get from them. Nothing big $10-20 5 fish. The fishing i guess hasnt been the best the past few weeks so being in a boat wouldnt give us an advantage.
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I might go if there`s an open backseat ? I don`t want to pull a hammy before the tournament next month.

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I can prob come up in the boat will there be a no big motor rule or anything
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big motor allowed. i'm runnin mine

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Boaters do have a big advantage they can go north to shallow waters, kickboaters/bellyboaters should get a 2 pound head start at the least
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No advantage to being in a boat if the fish arent biting.
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Boats dont have an advantage at all crankbait. i fished an ac tournament while the scbbbc was having there toc I was on the same water as lapoint and he wooped my ass. if you can catch em you can catch em. I finished with 20# he has 24# out of his kickboat.
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Can we use live minnows??? I think that would be a fair compramise since you are using your boat
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So for those of you that are going to join it will be say $10.00 buy in and $5.00 BF $15.00 total. And it is individual so for those in boats you will fish against your back seater.

  I will be there at 6am and we will launch at 7
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How many people we got showing up?

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not sure. I think of 4 boats with 6 possibly 7 people and i heard of 4 or 5 kickboats

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You can count me in dj, ill see if i cant geta few other heads to fish as well. Even if i am the only kick boat lol! How long we fishing for?i think between 12 and 2 will be best time so hopefully atleast till then?
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Im thinkin 7-1. We can talk.sunday mornin and get everyones input. 2 i would say is the latest we will go. Scale and bag is the only problem. I hope Andy willbring his stuff.
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