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Aha, so are you throwing a 3 arm umbrella or the 5 arm with two hookless baits? Thanks for the info I might head to Sonoma this weekend and want to know what's working.
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Wow thats a nice bag for sure.  I hate those ala rigs cause I guess I'll have to get one too.  They sure do slay.

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alabama rigs ... I found that 3 baits and the 2 willowleaf spinners work just great

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So how was Slownoma? Did you guys to any think worth talking about. AC, were those fish caught at Sownoma? If so, WOWSER!! Otherwise, how did all you other pro sticks do?
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It was a grind for sure Rich,for the kickboaters anyway....a few even bailed before weigh in, didn't talk to everyone but like A.C. I also dumped my fish which were only 3 for about 6lb's...most of the people I spoke with either blanked or had 1 or 2....bring on Slownoma!!!

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We started on main lake points thinking they would still be out deep!James caught one with in the first 15 minutes cranking, I caught my first fish on a Cali rig and it was awesome, it was a solid 4.5 with a huge belly! I caught it out on a point that had a large flat which should have told me something, but I did not listen! We started working our way back towards Cherry and I picked up a 2.5lb on a stacyee again it was suspended in a creek channel with some timber! Both fish came in about 15 feet of water! At that point it felt like they were in area's that were pre spawn staging areas! I wish I would have picked up on it earlier, might have done better! If anyone plans on throwing a Cali rig I recommend at a bare minimum 65lb braid! I got mine stuck in a tree and broke of on 50Lb! It was great weather and a blast to be out there! Joseph's sack of fish was ridiculous! AC's as well! Those numbers at sonoma anytime of year is crazy, but in the winter! I think Joseph had 45 lbs for two days! Thanks for putting it together DJ!
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Noah, we had a combined weight of almost 25 pounds saturday and joseph had 29.7 on sunday... you do the math... Nucking Futz.
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Man you know I can't do math! That is just amazing! Man it is going to be a long row to Cherry next month!
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man can you imagine rowing from the public ramp to cherry. I wonder how long that would take.

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I would guess.......4+ hours.

 Its about 8 miles up and if you can sustain 2 miles per hour nonstop you could get there in 4
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 Thanks for the reports. Looking forward to the new location for us.
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