It's been two weeks, but since no one posts reports here anymore and I like to read them.....and I actually pulled a win, I figured let's do one!

I had not prefished, but my plan was definitely not to go south from the launch since a)I never do and b) BBT was launching 80 boats and I wanted no part of that mess!  So I just rowed up and past the opening across from the launch and hit the next opening up.  Randy was headed that way too and he hit the first point and I hit the farthest with the current hitting into it.  Nothing on the face, but as soon as I rounded the outside (into Franks) and saw an opening on the backside between berm and sparse tules, I fired a swimjig in and got hammered.  First fish was about 14", but felt so good getting a fish that early.  In short order, I had two more keepers including one that was over 3 pounds, all on a swimjig.  This small opening setup perfectly as current was funneling through the tules and the fish were sitting on tiny tule points on either side.  I got all three keepers in there and went looking, moving north.  Lost another keeper in the top corner of Franks Tract, fancasting out into open water.  Bummed as it would have put me closer to a limit and more bites were proving hard to come by, but I learned something and started fishing out from tules as tide was getting low and exposing weed beds. I made may way back to the original opening, nothing on the point I fished in the morning, moved to the other point, fished around..and finally picked up a dropshot(!) and pitched it out off the weedline drop and got keeper number 4, 2lber.  Thought I was onto something here, but no more bites.

This is where the story gets exciting, I kicked down the tule line toward the main opening in Franks (across form launch) and was keeping 20 yards off the tules.  Picked up #5 on a senko in a sparse weedpatch.  As I was making my way down I noticed a thick weedbed under my feet, turned around kicked back up and realized there was a weedline extending far out offshore.  There was obviously a bottom change as it was sparse above this, but thicker south of the line.  Picked up my Coonasty colored Sweet Beaver rigged on a 1/4 ounce weight (weeds were thick but easy to penetrate) and flipped the first 15 feet of the weedbed transition form 10-30 yards out and proceeded to hammer fish from 2-3 pounds gong back and forth.  In 30 minutes I caught 12-15 keepers and culled up to the 12.77 limit I weighed in.  Then tide went slack and they stopped eating.

Lesson:  At the Delta, I always seem to stumble into fish or a pattern, but it's always junk fishing.  I haven't spent enough time at Delta to figure anything out at all, but I have done well in club tournaments on this water for some reason and I think the key is just staying open minded and keeping my eyes open.  Everyone pounds the tules, including myself, but that open water swimjig bite opened my mind to what the tide was doing (getting low) and what the fish were doing, moving out, so when I kept my eyes open and saw that definitive weedline under my feet, I knew the fish were sitting in there somewhere, sort of found the needle in the haystack.
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great report Matt! I enjoy them, thanks for taking the time!! 
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nice job !
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