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Its to bad that the times are what they are ... Way back when in December I wasnt working weekends, or nights, and I WAS looking forward to this one, but I guess Im going to miss out on this one too ... Good luck everyone. As far as all you officers of the club ... just remember, if it was an easy job, everyone would do it, second, you cant please all the people all the time ... good job so far this year ... 

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 Thanks again Steve for a great scedual. I remember that post way back when. I'm enjoying the new chips.
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Steve you are not doing your job correctly unless someone is complaining. I know how you feel I have been dealing with the same thing you are for 4 years now with another type of club. You are doing a great job and we all saw the schedule when it was posted in December of last year. Some people did not pay attension to it when it came out and that is not your fault. I personally have been looking forward to this tourney. the conditions should be absolutely perfect for fishing. We have a big moon at that time and it should be nice and warm. I prefished yorty last weekend and I will tell you it is doable to pull an all nighter. I woke up at 8 on Friday morning and didn't go to bed until 3pm on Saturday. Its not that out of the ordinary anyway after all we are used to waking up at midnight to go up to clear lake for a 4 am tourney the rest of the year how is this any different. Any way keep up the good work and I will see you all at the meeting...

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LOL, yes, AC, you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT about that! I can remember more than a few times when I've been Prez of various organizations (including this one!) where complaints and heated jabs were thrown my way. Heck, that can even apply to work (depending on what you do of course) many times!

Thanks officers for stepping up to the plate.

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