Ok so I have fished Fountain Grove and caught 3 fish and none at Foothill( are any Bass here ?) or Riverfront in my 3 weeks of Bass fishing. My little fishing buddy(6) is getting discouraged with FG since he hasn't caught a crawdad or Bluegill there in a few trips. He really wants to catch a Catfish , and I don't want to have him get discouraged to the point of not wanting to go so I need a spot that I can "practice casting" and he can catch something/anything. May try the laguna near Sebastopol Monday. This is my list of places to try out: Laguna, Nicassio, Stafford and Soulajule. Are any of these places good for myself and more importantly can my little buddy catch anything from these spots ? Thanks guys for any suggestions. Also heard of a pond near the SSU campus. Is this fishable ?

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 I have never tried the laguna for catfish, but i have heard it can be promising.  If you go to the spot near sebastopol along occidental road there is one thing you will get for sure, a bunch of meat fishermen packed in a small area.  That means that the later in the year i usually gets harder as the place gets harvested pretty good.

I've done ok at both soulajule and nicasio.  However, I would not take a 6 year old there.  Tons of ticks, rattle snakes, and tough walking.  Soulajule is a tough hike, especially if the gate is locked, which often times it is.  Nicasio has some great spots, but if can get real windy out there.

SSU is fishable.  I have no reports there.  I think most people that fish it keep it on the downlow. 

If i was to fish from shore I would not rule out the Russian River.  There are small smallies to be had as well as things like shad, catfish, etc.  Riverfront can be easy to catch real small bass and bluegill.  Hike to the back pond and throw some real small worms on a bobber and you will catch fish.

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Thanks Flippinbaits. Was going to try the laguna near Clayhan park. If no fish then we can go to the playground and my fishing partner will be happy. As far as Nicassio goes , is there fishing right near the road ? Thanks again.

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       If thay are still there when i was a kid about 10 years ago in the petaluma river at the end of c st there where so many catfish there that you could see them right next to the dock swimming. you could net them three at a time if you wonted to. Also there where a lot of striped bass in that river too i used Sardine that i would cut into 3 section with a hook and bobber and that would get them every 5 min or so but that was 10 years ago so i dont know right now. There is also a good place to fish bluegill on worms by the gulf course in rohnert park. As riverfront goes the back pond is the best on the south facing shore there are some opening that i cought fish on a stick with some line that i found on they were bluegill but still fun

 hope this helps you and have a good time fishing
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My mom lives about 5 mins walking distance through the forest to the foothill lakes. this is my third day back in california for a while so Ive only fished the foothills about 15 times this summer where usually ill fish those lakes once or twice a day. They're tough. Like i said, i havent fished there in a while but usually topwater hardbaits like zara pupies, poppers, and torpedos work. Also try flipping baits deep in the tules. The first pond near the parking lot, pond a holds some catfish, a lot of bluegill, crappie, at least 3 koi fish (you'll probably see the gold one) and varying sizes of bass that are very hard to catch. Theyve seen everything that the shelves of walmart have to offer and worms under a bobber every day of their lives so try techniques that most dont know or fish (dropshot, deep flipping, etc). The second lake is the biggest and can be fun since there are tons of small bass, golden shiners (i think), and plenty of bluegill along the shoreline. This time of year theyre out chasing those shiners in the center of the lake. Youll see a bunch of splashing out in the center from a baitball surfacing and gettin eaten so the bass are hard to catch. This lake gets the least pressure. The third lake has tules all around it. It has the most bass, few but giant bluegill, and is most peoples favorite. Every inch of water is subject to having fish there. From the shallow flooded trees to topwater in the center of the lake. Alltogether you could catch a boatload of bluegill at the second lake with your son or pick up a couple bass fishing the whole shorelines of all three ponds. either way good luck
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Try lake ralphine, over ther by howerth park. During fall and spring, they stalk it with trout. Your best bet would be bluegill fishing there, and I hear therefor some pretty good catfish action at night. The bluegill tend to live around the docks, and dint forget to bring a few bass baits. Also try Roberts lake for catfish, there are some huge catfish in there, and some monster carp. From what I hear, there are some nice bass in there, and your son will have a hood shot at catching some crappie too. Good luck and have fun
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Howarth park is great for catching a lot of bluegill and crawdads by the dock. It also holds some monster bass in it but they are super finicky.
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