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Can you post an order form or link to one? It should be easier to track who ordered what and where. In this way I can mail you a check for the 25 I posted for, you will have contact information on your customers, etc. Will you mail them out to us, or do we need to pick them up in Lakeport?

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Hey, did you deliver to Western over the weekend? I went buy there today (i wasnt the first)and there were none up. I was jonesing to pick them up.
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I did the same ... nothing there ....
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Hey guys,
I did deliver them over the weekend. Apparently they went to the San Rafael store. Joe said they brought some back to the Santa Rosa store. Give them call before you mske the drive. If you can't get them let me know Tackle it should have a full selection by the end of the week. We are pouring stock right now and should have good supply this week.

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I just picked up a few packs from Benno himself at Tackle It. They are killer looking baits with all the versatility you could ask for. It was awesome talking to Benno about all the little details he threw in that you might not notice just picking it up. Get'em while you can, these will be HOT!!
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I got mine yeasterday and they're great looking. I went to Spring Lake today and tryed them out. I didn't catch any thing on any thing as the water was colder then cold, ice cold, but the BH swimbait looked great in the water.
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I agree with rich and john. great looking bait as I got them a several days ago. Haven't gotten a chance to toss them but looking forward to trying them out this year. I thought about all the swimbaits I have and have not gotten one bite on them. Todd and I was talking about it and to date. To date this is my list of swimbaits

crap load of basstrix
mission fish
lucky real cali
2 reaction strike
2 mattlure bluegill
tons of cabelas swimbait head and body
and now the BH swimbait

In the end, I rather support someone I know then to give some of these other guys my money. Now all I need to do is catch some fish with Benno's bait.
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