Getting this going tonight. Wont be around this weekend. So as we voted on you have the choice to fish the Clear or the Mud lake. If you plan on fishing the Clear one please specify in your response. Also remember there is a launch fee over there. As we talked about Noah will fish the Clear and supervise the weigh-in, Scottie will head over to weigh-in the fish, Lastly if you choose to fish the Clear one you must stay there, no running back even with no fish. So here are the specs.
   Saturday Aug 21 
   Check-in 4:30 to 5:00 at the mud lake pull out
   Blast-off 6:00
   Weigh-in 12:00

1. D.J. Von Bima      (mud)
2. Noah Stevens      (clear)
3. Dan Chester        (mud)
4. Binh Phi              (mud)
5. Mike Ayers          (mud)
6. Anthony Crivelli    (mud)
7. Rich Caro               ?
8. Josh Peterson      (mud)
9. Bill Sweatt             ?
10. Chris Lapoint      (mud)
11. Rolo Villanueva   (mud)
12. Adam Duran       (mud)
13. David Sternitzke    ?
14. Matt Nyiri          (mud)
15. Randy Kidd      (mud)
16. Jon bird             (mud)
17. Mike Casey        (clear)
18. Dave Brown       (clear)
19. Anthony Monraz   (mud)
20. Deren kozenko     (mud)
21. Chris Quinones     (mud)
22. Doug Tyler          (mud)
23. Andy Mercado     (clear)
24. Jon Graves          (clear)
25. Jered Brendal      (clear)
26. Jordan Brendal     (clear)
27. Sean Henderson   (mud)
28. Scott Beem          (mud)
29. Mario Ugenti          ?
30. Martin Carreon      (mud)
31. Nate Albers          (clear)
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Im still stuck here in VA, but I will be home for the next one.. best of luck everyone
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Put me down for the mud lake.

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CatchemCaro, Clearly Mud, I think. I haven't made up my mind yet. I probably won't until that morning.

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do you really have to ask?

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1. 7.42 Clearlake
2. 6.95 Clearlake
3. 6.2 Berryessa
4. 6.1 Clearlake
5. 5.11 Clearlake
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I`ll be there not sure which lake yet.

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Rolo - fishing the mud lake.
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Leaning on fishing the clear one but not 100%.
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Dave ?.

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2 8.5 lbs The Pond Zoom Trick Worm
3 7.4 lbs The Pond Spro Lipless 
4 7.4 lbs The Pond Spro Lipless 
5 6.7 lbs The Pond Senko

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I guess I'll be fishing the Mud Lake.

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Randy Kidd and Jon bird  ( mud)

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Mike Casey
David Brown

Lake ?
David Brown
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which launch ramp are you using for upper blue?

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