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I'll be fishing the mud lake

Anthony Monraz
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i'm in the mudd lake

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I'm in the mud lake also.

Bucket Mouth
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"So I kissed him upside the cranium with an aluminum baseball bat"

My name is Mud

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Dude! Doug nothing like a Primus to start off the day!
"The formula is this, we go out and we hit bass in the mouth!"
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Thanks Doug.
Now the primus is gonna be stuck in my head the whole day and i have o clue where my cd's are.
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I'll fish the clear

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ukiahjon wrote:

which launch ramp are you using for upper blue?

Im in. (upper) Still would like to know the ramp?
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I beleve That the launch is going to be at the narrows launch, will need $4.00 to launch there, but havent lanched there in a wile think thats still the price.

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still $4.

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 We are all good. Talked to Jered and they are down for the clear lake. So we got the 5 needed

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Count me in for the mud side.

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2. 5.5 lbs Home Lake Brush Hog
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I will be at BOTH, HAHAHA, fishing the mud, just for the record.   scottyb

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When is this tournament anyway? There's no date on the "official" sign up. Maybe a reminder that it's on Saturday might be in order too. I bet there might be a few who think it's on Sunday. I didn't know until I checked it just now...


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Mario Ugenti be there. Which side is clear/mud- north/south? Never got to pre-fish. Still haven't decided which i will do.

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