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Count me in!
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Im there!!!

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bout time.

big fish 2011:
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    I'M  IN  

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Sounds Awesome Deacon, this is the sign up for next weeks clear lake tournament not the classic next month.......make sure you drop of some JSJ baits before you  head out next month.....

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Ill be fishin.

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Nate Albers will be there.....hey county park is the one right down the road from state park right?
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Please add my name to the list.  See everyone there!

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Sign me up...
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is there anyway i can fish the tourney? i havnt joined the club yet i just bought my float tube, but i would love to fish the clearlake tourney..also if any of you guys need a place to stay my family and i own a nice resort right next to edge water of sodabay road 5 min from the state park, i have a bunch of cabins,and a main house with a boat launch on the water.. so let me know y'all
if my old lady's bitchin.. im going fishin!!
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Mario Ugenti be there.
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Get me on that list DJ

Bass fishing is my passion, my obsession, and my life.
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Im in ,yes I am, Im in alright.

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Andy are you in? I mean will you be there? For sure?
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