Battle on the Delta!

Delta, White Slough Times! May 19th Saturday

check-in 4:30am - 5:00am
blast off 5:30am
weigh-in 3:30pm

The closest address for google maps I could find is:
9009 W highway 12, Lodi Ca 95242
Heading east on Highway 12 turn RIGHT on Guard Rd. follow to the water.....

Please bring something for the can food drive and give to Mark Harrison....

If anyone wants to start a caravan to the tournament please post your info on another thread.....

1.Andy Mercado
2.Scott Beem
3.Bill Sweatt
4.Mike Ayers
5.Binh Phi
6.Todd Iwamoto
7.Noah Stevens
8.Christian Burns
9.Randy Kidd
10.Jon Bird
11.Chris Q
12.John Guerini
13.Chris Pochop
14.Gerald Perez
15.Marcus Werner
16.Dan Chester
17.Jon Bidwel
18.Dave Sternitzke
19.Scott Townsend
20.Chris LaPoint
21.Marc Harrison
22.Carson Riley
23.John Hatfield
24.Anthony Duffany
25.Jordon Brendel
26.Jered Brendel
27.Jeff Wilson
28.Taylor Capilla
29.Deren Kozenko
30.Brian Guerini

31.Anthony Crivelli

32.Jon Graves

33.Robert Middleton

34.Phil Rageneau

35.Mike Miller

36.Jake Davidson


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Todd's fishing it!!!it's been awhile since I donated my money to Todd! I am in!
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I should be there.
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Kidd and Bird are in

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Bucket Mouth
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chris pochop will be there
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have the daughter that weekend ... Im out ...

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John and Brian Guerini will be there
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It will be my first fishing the delta, but should be a blast ether way. You can count me in mike.
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Marcus werner is in!!!!
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If you're heading East on Hwy 12, you should turn RIGHT on Guard Rd (South).

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Jon Bidwell is in

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Dave Sternitzke is in.

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Scott Townsend....first tournament....I'm in....
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I am in.
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