Alright all.
   Hard to believe it has been a month already. Here we are a week away from our first club team tourney. This will be a blind draw the morning of the tourney.
   MAKE NOTE: There will be alot of boats launching out of Russo's that morning so bring your head lamp's. If you do not have a light you cannot leave the launch ramp till safe light.

1.   D.J. Von Bima
2.   Mike Williams
3.   Noah Stevens
4.   Darrel Hollis
5.   Mike Casey
6.   Dave Brown
7.   Paul Fontes
8.   Kevin Marcheschi
9.   Mike Bogges
10. Anthony Crivelli
11. Binh Phi
12. Matt Nyiri
13. Scott Beem
14. Jon Mahoney
15. Marc Harrison
16. Jon Hatfield
17. Mike Ayers
18. Dan Chester
19. Doug Tyler
20. Greg Vogel
21. Martin Carreon
22. Jon Graves
23. David Sternitzke
24. Mike Boggs
25. Jon Bird
26. Randy Kidd

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Im IN!!! Yeah baby!! weekend of playing hooky from the military reserves, and got permission from my 8.5 month pregnant wife (we're due on APRIL 15th ... can anyone say TAX DEDUCTION?? ChaCHING!!! haha)

How much is it for non-members?
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i am in! Darrell Hollis is going to be there too.
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Mike Casey, Dave Brown, and Paul Fontes

David Brown
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I am in as well! Mike I will bring your waders to the tourney! bam! done deal

Kevin Marcheschi

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put me on the list!

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I will be there. 

If anybody wants to truckpool from Santa Rosa or thereabouts, contact me.  It's a long drive in the morning!


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If you guys will let me fish, I will show up!  I suck at the delta, but I'll be there, just pray you don't draw me.  hahaha     scottyb

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im in.

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I will be there! I will be draggin bass, I get off at 0300 so i might be sleeping on my tube!!!  ALready got my permission slip signed by the wife!!

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hatfield is in, I will try to best my last fishing trip there and maybe I can get 2 keepers this time..  

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I am going to be there.
Excited about fishing with the club again. Mr. Caro had said earlier he would bring a bag for me to use. How much are the entry/big bass costs now? What is it going to cost to launch at Beacon? What time are we to meet there? If you won't know a time until after the meeting on Wed. could someone pm me with a phone number so I can call while I am on the road Thurs or Fri.? Thanks, looking forward to it.

Greg Vogel
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Im down for seeking revenge on those Delta bass.  Jon Graves will be there.

2012 SCBBBC Angler Of The Year
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ukiahjon wrote:

Im down for seeking revenge on those Delta bass.  Jon Graves will be there.

yep me too. I'm there...
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hook that fatty!!!

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4.-5.03 pounds-my grannies pond-frog!!! yeee!
5.- 4.59 pounds-daddy's pond-crankbait!!!
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Doug Tyler will be there.
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