Although I would like to say I prefished and had a stellar plan to conquer Saturday and Sunday, the truth is I did not.

I fished on Friday for a bit, and caught a few 2-4 lbers and a giant. I knew there was an OK lipless bite. and a spotty frog bite. I spent some time walking around every shore area I could to look for bed fish as well but it was not easy with the wind. I found a couple of nice beds in the keys by the wood bridge near tower mart and decided to start in the keys prior to going to the main lake.


     I started out launching at the ramp right behind Limit Out tackle. within the first 5 casts I landed a 6+ on the frog, and within 5 more cast I caught a 2 pounder on the frog. I worked my way past a couple of other kickboaters, the younger guys who I cant remember right now and headed toward the bridge. I fished the bridge for about 30 mins and it was too hard to see so I figured I would come back later when the sun was higher. I headed out to the opening under the keys bridge that leads out to the cove where the public launch is. I knew there were some fish out from along the swim area, and wanted to hit that.
When I got there I seen that Deren was there and was landing a fish as soon as I seen him. I believe he had 4 or 5 fish at that point. after fishing the cove a bit I oared straight up to the firemens wall north of the public ramp and hit the docks along the way. about the 3rd or 4th dock down (the one with the house boat tied up) I was yo-yo'ing the LV and I hooked my big fish and thankfully landed her. I fished that dock and the others more with no fish. I got up to the wall and fish the cove and immediately caught a solid fish, and followed up with another a short time after that was about 3.5 pounds. I hooked 2 other fish in the 5 pound range the shook off the LV. After a bit of time with no more fish I decided to head back as I couldn't look for bed fish with the wind and clouds. I oared/ let the wind carry me back to the public launch cove where I ran into Mike Bogges, Deren was no longer there so I fished the swim beach area, and within 10 cast I stuck my 2nd big fish of 7.5 right next to Bogges. I culled out the 2 pounder and that was the last fish I caught. I worked my way back to M&M and got it about 130 PM. I just hung out around M&M and waited until 3pm and weighed 29 something.


   Feeling a bit of the pressure from day one, and thinking I was going to have a shitty day Sunday I decided to drive up and put in just north of the wall. Getting the kickboat down was not as easy as I thought it would be. I finally made it in and started throwing the LV along the wall. The lack of wind was great. As I rounded the first Corner of the wall, I stuck a 5 on the LV and got it in the well. Made me feel much better having at least one fish. and I made it around the corner into the cove area I caught another 5 and got it in the well. Marc Harrison showed up shortly after and he was Oaring up to Glenhaven. I fished until about 9/10 without a fish and was decided to look for some bed fish. I found about 5 bed fish and was able to land 3 of them one being 7.5, I worked another and couldn't get it to go. Marc had Shown back up by then and I told him to go and try her, apparently he did not get her. I then fished my way back to M&M and weighed in 25 for day 2.

Jeff Smith, also came up to the cove area and was able to get his day 2 Big fish of 9+ in the same area.
There are a ton of huge fish cruising, and suspended under the docks I had noticed. and I was really lucky to kind of stumble upon an area that had some big fish that cooperated with me.

It was actually nice to have a win with that kind of bag, as Me and Jay have weighed in so many 30+ sacks there and never got better than 3rd place in the boat Tourneys. That lake has really turned into a crazy place since I first fished it in 98'.

Kevin Marcheschi

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Great Job Kevin!  29 lbs Day one was impressive....

Congrats on back to back Clear Lake wins.
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Great Report.  Want a great day of fishing.

Dale Z

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Nice job, Kevin.  It's Jeff Wilson, not Smith.  Smith is the guy from back in '98/'99.  Again, Great job!
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Impressive win Kevin....congrats again!
Bucket Mouth
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Great report Kevin! Way to slay the big ones, very impressive,

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Congrats Kevin you really put a hurtn on thOse fish both bags were impressive.thx for the great report!
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Thanks guys, if any of you have specific questions about how and what, feel free to send me a text or call. I'm happy to share.

Kevin Marcheschi

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Congrats Kevin oll boy on a job well done! Thanks for the killer report. Sounds like I'll have to venture outs of the keys a little more in the future.
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