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Criley wrote: ha ha, the 2 things i was taking into consideration was that it would give you guys an extra hour to pull any rabbits out of your hats, and i didn't want to be responsible for someones thumb getting shredded and a cramped wrist while weighing my sack...oh ya and besides i wouldn't want my livewell tipping over in the wind either?

Lol,probably so.If I remember correctly you won the last time we had a shoot here which was the start to your illustrious float tubing career,lol. Man I would like to let you do it but it wouldn`t be right,I could see about 6 coolers hanging by the shore because of quick limits,lol.Just go in a little bit late dude we would like to have ya out there.
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Hey bill,
I'm bringing a friend to the T shoot. Another rookie so that we may be humbled together!! Although he's got a family legacy to live up to being the newphew of Lyles Tackle that was on SR Ave. But i feel the grove will eat us both up.

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