Here is a breakdown of what will be required for your kick boat live wells for the SCBBBC 2007 season. Once again your ice chest has to be 48 quarts or larger. The following is a parts list to help get you started on making your own live-well to mount onto the back of your kick boat.

You'll need a 48 quart ice chest, a 500 gallon per hour pump, 22" of 3/4" black plastic tubing, 4' of 3/4" clear tubing, 4 3/4" 90 degree barbed elbo's, 1 3/4" plastic cap, 4 insulated 3/4" tube clamps, 4 small sheet metal screws, some 1/8" plexy glass, 3' of light gage alum angle, 12" of stainless steel piano hinge and some small stainless steel screws and machine screws / nuts. You'll also need a portable 12 volt battery and some 14-2 wire with some quick connectors. In my pictures you'll notice I have two overflow ports. The lower port is so I can fill my live-well a few inch's from the top if I only have a few small keepers. I will plug the lower port when I want to fill the well to the top when the live well if full of lunkers, which hasn't happened yet. With this live well I drop the pump into the lake so its always pumping fresh lake water into my well and flowing out the overflow ports. Make sure you have drop tubes so the water overflows quietly straight down into the lake. This way I avoided the waterfall sound while fishing. I hope these picture help you guys get out there and get your live-wells ready for the 2007 SCBBBC season. Remember that we will not be allowing plastic storage containers such as Rubbermaid totes etc.. All out of the water live-wells will have to be ice chests with 500 gallon per hour pumps. Once again please feel free to call me if you have any questions. We don't want to turn any one away next season do to the wrong live-well set up.
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Pardon me if I am entering this late, but have you guys (SCBBBC) gone to kickboats only? No more "round tubers"? I am asking because I believe it would be tough for a tube to haul that Ice chest around with them. Just trying to catch up on all the happenings....Thanks,

Bryan Vogt
Bryan Vogt

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Thanks again Rich for posting all this info and good closeups of the livewells.Cant wait to get back in action without as much worry of DOAS and all that drag when rowing.
Mike Pierce
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Here are the boat live well picture of my set up. I hope this pictures help those who don't already have there live wells set up. I will be more then glad to help any one out with getting there system set up.

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So, now we all have the information about the coolers, and follow-me bags, and the use of oars ... It seems to me, that after contacting the DFG in Sacramento today, that there is NOT a stipulation or regulation regarding kick boats and/or follow-me bags...I appreciate the information about making our own live wells, but the question remains .... Who in Fish and game said we have to do this, what do we do about round-tubers in the club, and like someone before me in this forum asked...."Are we now an exclusively Kick Boat club now?" I understand that our club can be stricter in the interpretation of the DFG rules and regulations, as is shown in the size limit, and now this, but ... I guess this is not a "fun" club anymore. Other clubs around not only the area, but around the state do not have these rules imposed on them like us by the DFG ... so, the question begs to be asked...Why us?, and if the DFG is singling out the SCBBBC, then where is the BASS federation to help us out with this problem? Fish are going to die, weather we have follow-me bags, live wells or what-have-you...Its a matter of shocking the fish...I looked in the DFG 2007 rules and regulations, and nowhere in the booklet does it give any mentioning of kick boats, follow-on bags, or live wells ... If the DFG doesn't have a rule saying either way, then the question begs to be asked again ....Why us? I enjoy the fishing, I enjoy the companionship, and the fun that this club gives me, along with all the friends I have here. However (with a grain of salt), This is not what I signed up for when I joined this club in 2003.

A disgruntled, but still member of the club, Michael Williams
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Hey Bagdadfisher,

I think this might clarify a few things.

I think this came about during the classic and the question of whether or not we can run. We've been running illegally for a while and this time we got a permit to transport fish. The requirment is a 48qt cooler and a 500gph pump. I think it was a good move to just implement the cooler into our rule. There are two good reasons why we need this rule.

1. If we do get a permit to run then you've already met the requirement for transporting fish. No need to have two live well, one on the boat and one for transporting.

2. During hot weather like last year, the cooler is able to reduce the temperature and keep the fish cool compared to a tote.

And as for the follow me bag, well I know when I used it I'm always worried about the fish. The bag can only be use if you're only use kicking power not oars.

The fish and game never said we had to use the cooler. The requirement is only for transporting fish. In any case, by having the cooler it will protect the fish from the whether, keeping the water circulating, and the ability to transport fish without worries if we get pulled over by DFG. I know it maybe an issue for some but in the long run I think we will see less mortality and a higher release of live fish that will make it and live to bite again.

I hope this clarify a few things.
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clarify...i know that we will use a cooler for transporting fishIts having a 48qt cooler on my float tube that bothers me....
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bagdadfisher wrote: clarify...i know that we will use a cooler for transporting fishIts having a 48qt cooler on my float tube that bothers me....
if you are fishing in a float tube,not a kick boat you can use a follow me bag!!!!!
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We don't have to make our livewells with the same laundry list as per Rich's first post do we? We just need to have at least a 48 gallon ice chest and a 500 something pump right?

I will be using an out of water livewell next year but wouldn't it be quite difficult for somebody who uses a follow me bag and row a great distance at say Clear Lake and have to kick back after he/ she catches fish?

Was it also discussed at the last meetiing on why we can't use the current storage bins as livewells and transport the fish via the coolers? Just wondering because that's a awful lot of weight added to the kickboat?

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on the last note of this subject that was posted...It was explained to me that a cooler has insulation to keep the water cool, and the other type of box doesnt, but....if you follow how rich has his set up, you are constantly getting new fresh water circulating though the live well, so actually, I would think that a Ice cooler is NOT necessary, but ..... I am not the one who makes the rules... This rule wasnt even voted on in the meeting, and by the way ... I spend 2 hours yesterday on line reading line for line the 2007 F&G regulations ...nowhere does it mention belly boats, pontoon boats, follow on bags or the we are again...
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