Most are sold it at the pro shop.

And we still have this.

I spoke with the rep from Keitech and was able to work out a discount for our club. If any of us order directly from them at we will get 20% off. Here's what they sent me.

Kevin, We would be happy to set you and your club up with a 20% off Regional Pro-staff account to start. Just register on, Once registered I have to approve the account. You will get an e-mail when this is completed. Then the prices on the site will reflect your discount.

To Help us, You can also offer VIP 20% off accounts to Club members. Just have them put your initials "KTM" following their last name when they register.

Depending on how many register will go a long way in what we can offer in additional discounts and promotional "free" items.

This wasn't easy to get, and that's a nice discount off of Keitech, so please take the time to register and buy some baits. We all know we use them already.

Thanks in advance!

Kevin Marcheschi

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Dude when do those 6.8 & 7.8 keitechs come out!!
Best for 2015 - 8 lb 15 oz. Clearlake swimbait 8 lb 9 oz. Clearlake flipping 8 lb 10 oz. Springlake punching 8 lb 0 oz. Springlake whopper plopper 8 lb 10 oz. ClearLake - Deep Crank
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dope Kevin
right on
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