This years 31st annual State Classic will be held on Clear Lake the 20th and 21st of September.


Entry Fee: $65 dollars

Classic Check-in at County Park both Days 4:30am to 5:00am Blast off at 5:15am 
Weigh-in day 1 at 3:00pm 
Day 2 at 2:00pm

Camping is available in the Cole Creek Loop at Clear lake State Park. State Park campground is only operating under a first come basis with no reservations but there should be plenty of sites this time of year. Beware we do not have the group camp site this year. You will need to pay your own camping and parking fees.



Event festivities will be held at Cole Creek Loop Campground in State Park.

Saturday: Free BBQ and Raffle. 
Sunday: Awards


Check-in and Weigh-in for both days will be at CountyPark.


*Check-in Friday night also at campground


4 Fish Limit each day.

Pay-out schedule based on 50 anglers



$10x50=500.00 – Club

$250X2=500.00 – Release Boat
$5.00x50=250.00 Big Fish=$125.00 Day 1 $125.00 Day 2

$5.00x50=205.00 – Jackpot


Payout $1750

1st 700.00

2nd 290.00

3rd 210.00

4th 140.00

5th 105.00

6th 85.00

7th 70.00

8th 50.00

9th 50.00

10th 50.00

We will have a great raffle as usual thanks to all our sponsors!




Please sign up here by posting your name!

andy mercado

deren kozenko
mike ayers
scott caven

Mitch Teman
Dave Sternitzke

Chris Quinones
Rolando Villanueva
Bill Adkins
Jason cullen
jon graves
Steve Williams
Sal Castro
Matt Nyiri
mark harrison
Daniel Balaba

binh phi
Rich Caro
Dave Monteiro

wayne thomas
Jeff Wilson
Tony Beal

Noah Stevens
Bobby Knolls

Robert Middleton
Oscar Baeza
Rob Linden
Doug Scott
Taylor Capilla
Joseph Grulich
Devin De La Rosa
Topper De La Rosa
Mike Miller

Jeff Wilson
Tony Beal

Christopher LaPoint

Chad Belhumeur
Jeff McFall

Jacob Hoch


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Proud member since 2009
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scott caven, all in!
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Mitch Teman is in
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Dave Sternitzke is in.

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5 6.7 lbs The Pond Senko

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Count me in
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I am in Bill Adkins bass n tubes
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Helllllzzzzz yeeaahhh baaabbbbyyy!!! Cullen +1
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I'll be there! Jon Graves
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Steve Williams
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I am in.
Rolo [thumb][thumb]

And just FYI:
Clear Lake State Park
Due to serious drought conditions and dangerously low water levels at, the boat ramp at the park was closed to the public on Thursday, August 21, 2014 for safety concerns. This closure will remain in effect until December 31, 2014, or until further notice.
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Sal Castro is in
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Matt Nyiri will be there.

Party at Braitos Saturday and Sunday??
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I'm in Binh
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