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I'm in

Daniel Balaba
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Ok well I went out to Spring lake on saturday and attempted to see how my leg did.  It wasn't too bad, just my muscles were a little sore from not using them too much over the last two months.  anyhow on that note, I think I will fish but I am going to have to take it easy.  I will be going to my normal spot and if there is someone there that could help me unload my boat that would be awsome. My Only issue will be unloading and loading my boat.
other than that my leg will be fine to cook for ya'll!!!

So in other words count me in even though I am already going to be there regaurdless!
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Dave Monteiro and Wayne Thomas will be attending.
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Topper and Devin De La Rosa are in.
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I'm in!

Joe G
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I'm looking forward to this. See you all there
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Rob Linden and Doug Scott will be there.
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Robert Middleton and Oscar Baeza will be there.
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I am in. Marc I got you covered, just let me know what you need.
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Jeff Wilson and Tony Beal
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I'm in
Mike Miller
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I'm in on this one boys! Can't wait!
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Chad Belhumeur and Jeff McFall will be there too
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I'll be there!
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I am in....
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