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?‍♀️[1f3a3]?[1f3a3]?[1f3a3]?[1f41f]?[1f41f]?[1f41f]?[2600]☀️[2600]☀️[2600]☀️SOME THINGS TO LOOK FORWARD TO IN THE 2017 SCBBBC SEASON.[2600]☀️[2600]☀️[2600]☀️[1f41f]?[1f41f]?[1f41f]?[1f3a3]?[1f3a3]?[1f3a3]???‍♀️??‍♀️

[1f3a4]?[1f3ac]?[1f947]?[1f948]?[1f949]?Westenbass will be covering our monthly events, with photos and a small write up for the top 3 finishers and big fish. (We need someone to step up and take some quality pics at tourney)[1f947]?[1f948]?[1f949]?[1f3a4]?[1f3ac]?

At each tournament with 20 or more participants we will be giving a rod away to one of the participants. Rod will be an Irod or a Dobyns it will will go back and fourth every month.

???Raffles at every meeting with quality tackle and prizes (proceeds will go toward TOC and costs of permits, fees, etc)???

[1f3c6]?[1f3c6]?[1f3c6]?Angler of the year will receive a Simms jacket with SCBBBC logo and an annotation for the year that signifies AOY.[1f3c6]?[1f3c6]?[1f3c6]?

Jay's Mobile Welding is kicking down a "pimp yo kick" custom work on your kick boat (powder coating, custom rod holders, livewell, with internal wiring and toggle switches)

[1f911]?[1f911]?[1f911]?I'm also working on a sponsored cash bonus every event for the winner that amount is in the works and may be an additional $100 for the win, and the TOC will have a cash bonus of $500 on top of the regular payout.[1f911]?[1f911]?[1f911]?

Working on getting a fully rigged kick boat for a prize for a lucky angler.

There are many other things in the works to hopefully make this the best season we have had in a long time. So all you that haven't been around and been thinking about jumping back in the tube/kickboat... time to dust it off and polish it up and get back on the water to compete with some of the best tubers around.

Also remember all you Kayakers are welcome to fish too you just can't use the pedals if you have them. Oars/Paddles/flippers only!

And as always a BIG THANK YOU! To all of our continued sponsors over the years.

Outdoor Pro Shop! 
Clearlake Outdoors! Limit Out!
Clearlake Bait and Tackle!
Dobyns Rods!
Empire Restoration!
Fin Junkie! 
Real Target! 
Gary Yamamoto!
Keitech USA!
Catchem Caro!
Lil Creeper!
D&M customs!
Jays Mobile Welding!

See you all on the water! And hopefully at our February meeting!

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Where`s the fully rigged ranger comanche ? That could go to the big fish of the year. [whistling]
"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens." Jimi Hendrix
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