I just wanted to give every one a taste of whats to come in the future for the SCBBBC. I'm working with our sponcers in putting together a very special tournament for 2008. It will be called the SCBBBC Winners Shoot out. Here's how its going to work.
It starts in 2007 as we fish though our tour. Each winner from the 07 tour and the winner of the T.O.C. and the Angler of the year will be invited to a no entry fee tournament. The stakes will be high at this tourney. Only winners will be at this show, no second place finishers. The date for this tournament will be set completely around all events in the 2008 tour so that every winner will have the opportunity to compete. The location will be a complete surprise with no prefishing. Will it be filmed by a production company to air on ESPN2??? Will angler of the year from B-N-T be invited? YES. Will angler of the year from the Backwater Bassin Tubes club be invited? YES.

With this tournament structure being weaved into our tour for 07 it should bring the stakes higher at each tournament. This is just one of the many surprises that are around the corner for all the float tubers/kick boater on the water. The nation has watched some of the best bass anglers in the world completely hot rod a Bucksbag kick boat. The focus for them was to make the boat tournament worthy. Then a half a million people around the globe who enjoy bass fishing opened the worlds greatest bass publication, (BASSMASTERS MAGAZINE)last March and BANG!! More float tube news. Then Bass insider covers our sport from round tube's to kick bass kick boats for all the nation to see again.
The nation now needs to see a real float tube Winners Only bass tournament. Fished the way that only float tubers now how. So hold on as we take it to the next level.

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Right on Mr.Prez!Thats great newsYour doing an excellent job on bringing kickboating and bellyboating across the states to a new level.
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WOW!!!!!!thats awsome rich.
nice job!!!
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Thanks for making the club and tubing even more recognized! You're bringing us to a level none of us has seen but all excited to learn what can happen.

Great job again!

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This is going to be great. I know it all the way. Soon you will all be truely im pressed.

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Very cool, Rich cant wait for the new season. I might have to show up and win one so I can be in the big show
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